Yorkshire Dales Waterfalls Walk – The Ingleton Waterfalls Trail

The Waterfalls Walk in the Yorkshire Dales is a highlight of this magical region of England. These are some of the best waterfalls in the country. Pecca Falls, Hollybush Spout, Thornton Force, Beezley Falls, Rival Falls, Baxenghyll Gorge, and Snow Falls.

The hiking is through deciduous forest and open pastureland, an ice cream truck can often be found along the way, a great way to bribe kids with the allure of a treat about half way (may not always be there, but generally in holiday times).

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4.4 miles / 7kms, 2,5 hours walking approximately.

Waterfalls Walk Yorkshire Dales

The beginning of the trail follows the stream before passing through woodlands.


The Money Tree – Pushing coins in is thought to bring good luck. Not so for the tree being impaled with thousands of 2p coins, but an impressive sight with coins dating back decades.

Waterfalls-Walk-Yorkshire-Dales (3)

Waterfalls-Walk-Yorkshire-Dales (5)

Thornton Force, one of the best-known waterfalls in the area.

Waterfalls-Walk-Yorkshire-Dales (6)

Waterfalls-Walk-Yorkshire-Dales (8)

And in the distance, the kids spotted the ice cream truck…


Getting closer…

Waterfalls-Walk-Yorkshire-Dales (9)

Down the trail some more…

Waterfalls-Walk-Yorkshire-Dales (10)

Over a bridge…

Waterfalls-Walk-Yorkshire-Dales (11)

Waterfalls-Walk-Yorkshire-Dales (13)

Finally. In the middle of the walk, between dry stone walls… sits the ice cream van!

Waterfalls-Walk-Yorkshire-Dales (14)

Waterfalls-Walk-Yorkshire-Dales (15)

The Waterfalls Walk crosses open fields until again coming to the stream and, perhaps, the prettiest section of the walk.

Waterfalls-Walk-Yorkshire-Dales (16)

Waterfalls-Walk-Yorkshire-Dales (17)

Waterfall after waterfall. Each one absolutely gorgeous.

Waterfalls-Walk-Yorkshire-Dales (18)


Waterfalls-Walk-Yorkshire-Dales (20)

Passing by out-buildings and through the village to return to the car park.

Waterfalls-Walk-Yorkshire-Dales (21)

The only down-side to this lovely, 7-mile walk, is an entrance charge! It includes the parking fee but is charged if people park or not. It is a sad thing that no matter where you seem to go in England, there is a charge attached. Grrr.

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