Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk, Western Australia

Valley of the Giants can be discovered way down South in Western Australia, about 440 km or 5 hours drive from Perth. Located between Denmark and Walpole in the Walpole-Nornalup National Park.Tree Top Walk Valley of the Giants

The Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk features a stunning 600m walkway, 40 metres above the ground in the heights of the tingle forest canopy.

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A walking trail links the Treetops Walk to what is known as the ‘ancient Empire’. An interpretive trail follows between massive red Tingle Trees, around 400 years old.

Many of the plants found locally are unique to this region of Western Australia. The Tingle Trees only occur in this small area. Many plants can be traced back to origins in the time of Gondwana when Australia was joined with what we know as Africa, India, Antarctic and South America – 65 million years ago.

The area is certainly worth being high on the list of ‘must do’s’ in Western Australia.

Tree Top Walk Valley of the Giants

Valley of the Giants Western Australia


Climbing the famous Gloucester Tree

The Gloucester Tree, a few hours drive away from the Valley of the Giants admittedly, can also be added to the ‘Must Do’  list!  3km from Pemberton, the Gloucester Tree is a famous Karri Tree – 60 metres high – in the past it was used as a fire watch ‘tower’. It was one of 8 lookout trees used between 1937 and 1952. Visitors can climb the Gloucester Tree and be rewarded with stunning views. A number of walks lead off from this area.

Gloucester Tree Climb Western Australia

Gloucester Tree Climb Western Australia – Climb if you dare!

Gloucester Tree Climb

Gloucester Tree Climb – Looking down from most of the way up!

As part of a ‘Big Lap’ of Australia, the Valley of the Giants is a must-see!

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Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk