Travel Packing List & Gift Ideas

No rules apply when it comes to deciding what to take with you when travelling. What is considered essential to one person, might be superfluous to another. Travelling solo or with children, can both mean a different list of packing priorities.

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Our list is ever evolving, join our newsletter if you would like to keep updated. All the items on the list are products anyone might find useful. It is not an extensive travel packing suggestion list but does provide a few extra ideas to consider when packing for your next adventure.

Travel Packing Ideas


The Steripen is a lightweight, effective option to use when travelling where a water source may be questionable. It is easy to use, convenient to pack and eliminates the need to buy bottled water. Apart from the expense of purchasing bottled water, the impact it has on communities when the plastic bottle is disposed of is avoided too.

Plastic Water Bottles - Eliminate the Need with a Steripen Purifier

Sculpture on the Island of Langkawi, Indonesia. Created using discarded plastic bottles. A good reason to invest in a Steripen.

“SteriPEN UV water purifiers use ultraviolet light to destroy bacteria and protozoan cysts without the effort required by many pumps and filters. Additionally, unlike pumps and filters, SteriPEN UV purifiers are effective against, viruses and carry the Water Quality Association Gold Seal, certifying that SteriPEN purifies water safely and effectively.

Just activate the lamp and stir it in water to destroy microbes that can cause waterborne illnesses.”

Such an incredibly simple product, it is definitely to be considered as a travel packing essential.

Travel Packing - Steripen Water Purfier

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Many different options for keeping your valuables safe are available. Handbags, backpacks, camera bags and, one of our favourites, the Portable Travel Safe.

Pacsafe products have been around for years and are one of the leading manufactures of quality anti-theft travel products.

Our patented, flexible, stainless steel wire mesh comes in two forms. It can be thrown externally over backpacks and bags, or it’s laminated between the fabric to form a stealth-like portable safe. Both can be locked closed to form a 360° slash resistant protective cell which locks to a secure fixture.

A determined thief with cable cutters can still do the dirty deed if the opportunity arises, but for general security, the anti-theft system is a deterrent to opportunistic thieves on many products.


With so many products available, the perfect one is dependant on the user’s needs – travel, commuting or school. Browse anti-theft bags and travel safes. Read more here or browse Amazon.

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Power Pack for Re-charging on the go

USB Power Packs are a great way to be sure of a little extra charge for phones, tablets, ipads and cameras when travelling. There will be times when a power point is not available, being able to plug a device in for a charge on the go is fabulous!

Many are pocket-sized with one or two USB points. It is a case of doing some homework to find the best one your needs. They come in around 5,000mAh and upwards. Most will, at the very least, charge a phone once. My own is a 12,000mAh unit that can charge a Samsung Tablet and Phone with a little power left over.

Make your choice based on a few considerations, check online reviews etc.

  • The weight of the unit may need to be considered
  • Check how long it takes to charge
  • How many charges will it provide
  • Does it have one or two USB points


Power Packs Charging Devices

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Door stopper

This may sound like a bizarre travel item! However, have you ever booked a room that has no lock or used shared toilets or showers with no lock? A simple, lightweight door stopper is such a handy thing to have in the bottom of your bag – even if it provided peace of mind just one – I think it is worth having.

Door Stopper

Small coat hanger- trousers type for towels to dry etc.

No need to have a bunch of coat hangers of course, but, at least one to hang a towel to dry is handy. The hangers with clips, as in the photo, are ideal. Clip in a wet towel or washing, hang in a window, from a tree…


Sickness Bags

Sickness bags are not something generally discussed when it comes to travel packing. Whether travelling with kids or alone, anyone can succumb to an evil throw-up-bug. Have a few bags packed in your car, luggage or day pack – just in case.

Chuckie Bags – A business developed by parents from the need to use sick bags when travelling with their kids.

“There really ought to be a word that describes the very small gap in time between hearing the words “I feel sick” from the back seat and the inevitable sound that means you’ll be spending the next day cleaning the inside of the car”.


Lightweight Travel Towels

Lightweight travel towels are an excellent item to pack rather than heavier, regular towels. They are made from microfibre, super quick to dry and a really practical item to have. Even if you usually stay in hotels, it is handy to have your own towel when at a beach or pool etc. These make a perfect gift idea too.

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Finding the perfect travel gift for someone who is heading off on an adventure can be tricky, we have some suggestions form travel bloggers that may help…

When Travelling in Australia, The Travelling Tom has put together a really good list of the essentials for a holiday Downunder in the sunshine of the outback and by the beach.


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