Tesalate Beach Towel – Is this the best beach and travel towel?

Best Beach and Travel Towel

The Tesalate towel has won points with our family, we have a few towels for the beach and travel in the cupboard, the Tesalate is on the top!  This gorgeous looking towel really is a winner for the beach and we have now taken it to a few locations to give it the ‘family’ test.

On a recent canoe trip, the Tesalate towel was used as a wrap when a breeze picked up, pity we only had one. The towel has been to the ocean with our Shetland ponies, used at the local pool, as a picnic blanket and it has now even doubled as a table cover when we were out and the picnic table we used was rather grotty!

It was tested as a regular, everyday home towel and is quite good, though nothing quite beats a thick bath towel at home – and this is not the purpose of the Tesalate beach towel anyway. As a travel towel though, it is perfect.

  • Light enough to pack, thick enough to use after a shower as well as by the pool or at the beach.
  • Versatile to use in a number of ways, as we have already done in just under two weeks!
  • Vibrant and eye-catching, this towel fits in so well wherever you choose to roam with it.

What we really like about the towel:

  • It really is super absorbent!
  • The sand was so easy to flick off when we were on the beach. Even when wet, it was so much easier to shake the sand off than a soggy regular towel.
  • As a travel towel, it is not ultra lightweight, but is such a good size and folds quite small, so it wins points there too and will definitely be included in our travels from now on.
  • It can easily double as a sarong on the beach and is long enough to wrap around well.
  • The fabric is thick enough that it acts as quite a windbreak when used as a wrap!
  • Funky and vibrant! The Tesalate beach towel is a head turner!

What we didn’t like:

  • That we only have one! And everyone in the family has their eye on it. We’ll have to buy everyone their own.
  • What’s not to love about this fabulous, vibrant Australian product?

As a special gift for yourself, for friends or family, these beach towels will be something that can be used for years and are sure to be appreciated.

It is great to see an Australian design and idea selling like hot cakes all over the world, all because the founders walked back from the beach after a day out with their heavy, soggy towels full of sand and thought…

…if we could make a towel that not only performed much better but looked amazing too.

And they did!

Buy Direct from the Tesalate website, with free shipping included!

Choose from loads of different designs.

Tesalate Beach Towel Review


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