We just love these all in one easy breathe snorkelling mask sets. Have you ever been snorkelling and become super excited over all the colours and fishies, tried to squeal with delight and swallowed water after spitting out your mouthpiece (or am I the only one)? Not anymore, talk out loud… LOL even!

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No more fitting a mouthpiece in and worrying about water intake! Anti-fog, 180-degree field of view.

BUY FROM EBAY AUSTRALIA –  From Around $70 Snorkel Pro

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These, anti-fog, 180-degree vision, easy breathe masks are the ‘ bee’s knees’ when it comes to really enjoying


The face mask has a soft, hygienic, silicone around the edge that fits snuggly and keeps water out, while the attached snorkel has a special floating valve to prevent water coming in.

  • Go Pro compatible mount fitted so you can make your own underwater movies, without having to hold the camera (Go Pro not included).
  • The only downside that we can see, is that the mask will not seal around a beard. Otherwise, it is a fabulous item to have handy when on holiday, going to the beach, lake, river or in the pool.
  • Not designed for scuba diving, but that is fairly obvious. They can be used in the same way as the conventional snorkels and masks.


Small/Medium – Inner diameter 13 x 17cm approx (6.70×5″) This will fit kids from about 10 years to medium sized adults. Depending on the child’s head size, it may fit younger kids too.

Large/Extra Large – Inner diameter 13 x 19cm approx (7.50×5″)

BUY FROM EBAY AUSTRALIA –  From Around $70 Snorkel Pro

U.K. | U.S.A. | CANADA – Buy From Amazon