Oricom PMR 1280 Handheld CB Radio.

Review of Oricom PMR 1280 Handheld CB Radio.

Looking for walkie-talkies to take on a round Australia trip, or a road trip anywhere for that matter? They are a great addition to the packing list when heading off with kids in particular. So useful when out of mobile range and you need to keep in touch, kids love playing variations of  ‘hide and seek’ with walkie talkies and it can keep them occupied for hours!

It was not an intention to write a review on our Handheld CB / Walkie Talkie units, but the loss in our garden and subsequent finding of one handset after 6 months of it laying out in the winter weather and being eaten at by rats, prompted a desire to rave about the product!

We have had a couple of different brands over the years, ranging from the kids Barbie set to a brand I cannot even recall. Whatever the brand was, it was not a really cheap one but was quite useless.

The Oricom Handset was the first to actually feel easy to hold, simple to use and kids can manage the buttons when communicating.

Whilst climbing a tree in the garden, our daughter dropped one handset and we could not find it amongst the leaves despite multiple searches. 6 months later it was found again, purely by chance. Incredibly, the battery was still charged more than enough to use it immediately. The antenna has been nibbled by rats and the rubber cover over the talk button is gone.

After being out all through the winter rains in Australia – it turned on and worked fine!

These little units cover a range of up to 7 km’s, it depends of course very much on terrain, but we have found it to be quite effective and well worth buying. On a recent hike through thick bush and to the summit of a small mountain, a distance of about 3 km’s, it worked brilliantly well when we kept in touch with someone down below at the car.

Go to the website for all the specs. If you are considering a handheld CB/Walkie Talkie unit – we definitely recommend the Oricom PMR 1280

Oricom Handheld CB Review PMR 1280
Oricom PMR 1280 -after 6 months, lost during the Australian winter… eaten away by rats… and still working!

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