HotTap from Joolca

We have been using our HotTap weekly for over 6 months and can recommend it. It is used in a rustic ensuite beside our vintage caravan which we rent out on Air BnB.

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The HotTap is not a white label/rebranded product. It’s designed and owned by a family company in Australia who are passionate about the product and providing the best customer support they can.

What is a white label/rebranded product?

A white label product is a product or service produced by one company (the producer) that other companies (the marketers) rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it. Wikipedia

The system can be used with mains water, tank water and via a separate pump when the water source is from a river or container etc.

At $299 for the base unit, the  HotTap is great value for money and ideal for bush camping or caravanning. Along with the sturdy Joolca ensuite tent, it’s an impressive way to be a little bit self-indulgent when out in the Aussie bush.

The Joolca Story…

Joolca was founded by Melbourne engineer Maciek Slodyczka. As he was writing his thesis on energy efficiency, he paid for the university studies by refurbishing old gas heaters and hot water systems. That’s when he realised that there was a gap in the market: the technology for gridconnected systems was well developed, but the existing designs for portable systems was severely lacking.

Himself an avid camper, Maciek decided to create something that he and his fellow engineer graduates would use. The result was HOTTAP, the world’s smallest water heater of its type. Providing endless hot water at the flick of a switch, it was a resounding success. With HOTTAP, Joolca was born.

Camping Hot Water System

  • Ideal for free campers and caravanners
  • Perfect for washing horses, dogs etc.
  • Great option for using on a holiday block

The Portable Hot Water System from Joolca is perfect for many applications. It is not designed for indoors or as a permanent shower but is designed to be used outdoors.

Our Thoughts

We have the latest shower head on our unit which was upgraded and improved upon by the Joolca company after listening to comments from their customers about the previous one being a little hard to turn on. This one has the switch changed around and is very easy to turn on. It can be slightly fickle to turn off exactly to stop any dripping but is not too hard to manage.

Our only (one-time) glitch was a temperature fluctuation and cut out of the flame – this was due to a bit of debris that had got into the water inlet hose and was in the filter. One call to the friendly folk at Joolca and the problem was worked out and easily fixed.

Joolca provides a 30-day trial period, how’s that for confidence in their own products!

Its very simple. You can literally use any of our products for 30 days, and if you don’t like them or they simply don’t suit you – sent it back! We’ll cover return shipping and give you a full refund!

The unit can be bought on its own or as a complete hot water system for off-grid use with a pump, along with one of the best shower ensuite tents we have seen. A drawbar mounting frame and protective cover can also be bought.

This is a product that is well worth the investment. For $299 everyone can enjoy the luxury of a hot shower when outdoors.

Buy the HotTap from the Joolca eBay Store