The Best Compact Camp Chair

Something that we carry in the car all the time is chairs of some sort. It used to be 4 little tri-leg stools but we have moved on to a slightly bigger and better option now.

The Helinox camp chair is light enough to carry on a bushwalk and compact enough to keep in the back of the car. Combined with the lightweight table, it is a winner!

The frame is made from thin-wall alloy tubing that is super light, yet incredibly strong. The shock cord makes what may look like a complicated design…so easy.  Read more about the construction here.

Helinox Chair One Frame

So quick and simple to set up – we gave the Chair One to our 12-year-old with brief instructions and off she went… in a flash, it was set up. The frame almost does the work by itself on this natty little chair….


Weight Capacity Height Width Packed Length
960 grams 145 kg 66 cm 52 cm 30 cm

Chair One – Our Thoughts

Being light enough to carry on hikes is a plus for this little chair. The Chair Zero is even lighter and slightly smaller and weighs in at 0.510 kg, but Chair One is still a great option for all round use. It is so quick to assemble, comfortable to use around the campfire or anywhere and sturdy. Combined with the optional ground sheet for use on soft surfaces – this camp chair is a winner.

Accessories for Chair One

GROUND SHEET Prevents legs sinking into sand, snow or soft ground. Available in three sizes for Chair One, Chair Two and Camp/Sunset Chairs.

SEAT WARMER Filled with duck feather, the Seat Warmer fits neatly over the existing seat on Chair Zero, Ground Chair, Chair One and Swivel Chair. Comes with a carry bag and available in Red or Black.

Reclining Camping Chairs & Kids Camping Chairs

Helinox make a range of camp chairs from the super light weight Chair Zero to the Sunset Chair as well as a super cute kids chair. The products do not stop there either – Camp Cots come in a few different models to provide a superior sleep.



Folding Camping Table – “Table One”

Weight capacity for this little table is a whopping 50kg… not to be used as a spare seat though! Compact enough to take on a hike or keep in the car, the Table One comes as a basic model with a soft top or optional hard top. It has enough space for two people to have dinner and has two handy glass holders built in. Used along with the Chair One, it is ideal for picnics or to take camping.

Weight Height Length Width Packed Length
690 grams 39 cm 60 cm 40 cm 41 cm

Helinox Camp Table

Buy from Helinox in Australia or from Amazon outside Australia

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