Hammock Camping is a great way to experience the outdoors

 I would love to have had experienced hammock camping years ago when doing plenty of overnight hikes, it would have been excellent to have carried in a good hammock as shelter rather than the tent most times.

My Hammock Bliss ‘Sky Bed Bug-Free’ is a little gem. So comfortable and well designed.

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Why did Hammock Bliss end up the chosen one?

  • After trawling through various sites and seeing some amazing, clever designs, I chose the Hammock Bliss for the asymmetrical design, plus the fact that it was affordable as the hammock can be bought separately to the rain cover and tree hugger straps. All these components are handy, but some people may not need anything other than the basic hammock.
  • The ‘Sky Bed Bug-Free’ weighs 900grams/32oz and has a weight test rating of  175kg/350lbs, which is impressive.
  • A sleeve is sewn into this particular design so that an airbed or foam mat can be inserted and it will stay put when sleeping. The mat lays diagonally in the hammock as sleeping from one side across to the other on an angle makes for the flattest, fabulously comfortable, position possible. It makes no difference which end you chose to sleep – allowing happy campers to sleep looking out to the best view available wherever you are!
  • The No See Em netting has 2100 holes per square inch, no little nasties can get in. With a long zipper that is easy to use from inside or out of the hammock.
  • Extra details such as the pockets sewn into the inside of the netting and loops at both ends to hang gear from all add up to a well thought out product.
  • The stuff bag it comes packed into is attached to the side of the hammock for extra storage area and the cords to tie up the netting can be rolled and put away into a built-in pocket neatly.

Hammock-Bliss Review Sky Bed Bug FreeHammock camping is huge in North America and seems to be just revving up in Australia. It is here to stay and is something everyone ought to try!

Advantages of Hammock Camping:

Hammocks can hang from trees, vehicles, buildings, boulders… or a purpose built frame.

Rocky, muddy ground? No worries when suspended above it all!

Definitely more comfortable than sleeping in a tent, no aching bones or ‘campers head’ – you know, the fuzzy feeling that often results from camping in a tent on a hard surface…

Hammock Bliss Sky Bed Bug FreeLightweight, so simple to set up and take down.

Wonderful for chilling around the campsite or taking with you anywhere to relax!

Brilliant fun for kids!

Many years of super comfort, as long as you take reasonable care of your new found comfort zone.


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Hammock Bliss

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