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Anti-Theft Backpacks & Bags-Are They Effective ?

Anti-theft bags and backpacks are not designed to prevent professional, well-prepared thieves. A determined thief will attempt to steal something of value if the opportunity arises. However, quality theft-proof designed bags, backpacks, and portable safes can reduce the incidence of theft and bag slashing.

How many of us have ever had an incident where we had gear stolen? Hopefully, not many of us overall. Is it worth investing in a little peace of mind?  Probably. We certainly do when traveling, camping, or even at an event where bags are not safe to be left out of sight even for a moment.

Situations Where May You Need Anti-Theft Gear:

  • Staying in hostel accommodation, especially in shared dorm rooms.
  • By a pool or swimming etc. where it would be safer to secure essential items.
  • On an overnight bus or train trip.
  • Securing gear to a motorbike or bicycle, in a boat or caravan.
  • When camping or even to keep gear secure in a vehicle.

Are Anti-Theft Backpacks worth the money?

It depends on where and how you travel, what gear you take along etc. Anti-theft backpacks, bags, travel safes, or other items that reduce the possibility of ‘opportunistic’ thefts are definitely a wise choice. Good quality gear will last for many years. We believe they are definitely worth the investment.

For years, I used a Pacsafe 85 Secure Bag Protector to cover and lock gear on my motorbike. It provided a level of protection from being easily stolen when the bike was parked. I have now used the bag protector for over 20 years in various ways- in the back of the car, camper trailer, on the bikes, even in our canoe to keep gear safe. That one item alone has been well worth every dollar I spent on it and it will last for many years to come.

RFID Protection – What it means and is it necessary?

RFID – Radio Frequency Identification. Electronic devices, even passports, contain a small chip where personal data is stored.

Wireless identity theft, also known as contactless identity theft or RFID identity theft, is a form of identity theft described as “the act of compromising an individual’s personal identifying information using wireless (radio frequency) mechanics. Numerous articles have been written about wireless identity theft and broadcast television has produced several investigations of this phenomenon. According to Marc Rotenberg of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, wireless identity theft is “a pretty serious issue” and “the contactless (wireless) card design is inherently flawed”. Read the complete Wikipedia article.

Is RFID fraud a major concern?

Opinions vary, read this article to make an informed decision, or do a general internet search for more information. Opinions are mixed regarding personal data theft, however – it pays to be safe as technology is constantly changing and thieves are always seeking ways to steal your gear.

Many of the Pacsafe designs include RFID protection.

Travel Safe Bags & Anti-Slash Luggage Protection

Slash-proof technology has advanced hugely and the best anti-theft backpacks incorporate this feature. Slashing of backpacks or straps on handbags is prevalent in many regions – these thieves can slash a pack and be gone with your money or valuables in an instant.

Buying the best anti-theft gear possible can at least reduce the risk of theft and provide some peace of mind. We have used Pacsafe products and can certainly recommend them.

Portable Travel Safes

5L Pacsafe Portable Safe
5L Pacsafe Portable Safe -I usually always have the Pacsafe inside a non-descript bag to make it less obvious that I am protecting items. It can be a day pack or just a plain shopping bag. Gear is locked away safely when we are at the lake swimming and for many other instances when extra security is needed.

Pacsafe 5L Portable Safe

We have owned and used both the Pac Safe 5L & 20L Portable Travel Safes for years. They are really useful, especially when camping as we can store electronic devices in one when they are being charged in a communal camping area. iPads and other devices can be locked away and secured to something solid. I keep a 5L Pacsafe under the car seat quite often and have camera gear locked away, out of sight but still easily accessible.

The Pacsafe portable safes are not cheap to buy, but they are a high-quality item and they are definitely worth the money. A search on eBay will bring up new items as well as used Pacsafe’s.

Our 5L portable safe was bought brand new and the 20L Pacsafe was bought used on eBay for a fraction of the new cost and it is in perfect condition.

5L Pacsafe portable safe, an ipad and phones can easily fit in with room to spare.
5L Pacsafe portable safe, an ipad and phones can easily fit in with room to spare.
20L Pacsafe Portable Safe - Easily fits a 15inch laptop, plus an ipad, phones, camera etc.
20L Pacsafe Portable Safe – Easily fits a 15inch laptop, plus an iPad, phones, camera, etc. It can also be used as a liner inside a regular day or overnight pack.

Using a Portable Safe When Camping

One of the main reasons we had for buying one of these portable safes was to be able to charge phone/ iPads etc. at campsites where they are often left out of view. We put the devices in and the charging cables can be plugged in but the bag kept secured to something solid.

  • Available in 5 L, 12 L, or 20L designs.
  • Made with patented eXomesh and a steel locking cable.
  • 5L – 1.1 lbs / 0.5 kg12L – 1.57 lbs / 0.71 kg


Which Is The Best Anti-Theft Travel Backpack?

Many different brands are on the market and each one offers numerous designs with various features. We can personally recommend Pacsafe products.

Is there a best anti-theft backpack for travel? Each person has different requirements and each region poses a different level of potential theft. Ideally, look for a combination of anti-theft features that are proven to be as theft-proof as possible. The investment will be worth the level of security it affords.

The Venture Safe and Ultimate Backpacks detailed in the comparison chart below, are two of the very best travel backpacks available, in our opinion.

Best Anti-Theft Backpacks For School Students

School children often carry with them expensive technology these days and it pays to keep their phones or laptops as safe as possible. The Kopack range offers excellent options at reasonable prices.Kopack Anti Theft Backpacks with USB

Zips are hidden and designed to be as close to the wearers back as possible, reducing the risk of a thief quickly opening a pack up. Many of the designs also have integrated USB ports and even headphone jacks on the outside. A portable charger can be inserted into a small internal compartment that is designed exclusively for this purpose.

Best Anti Theft Backpack & Portable Travel Safe Comparison Chart

Product NameFeatures
PACSAFE: Venturesafe EXP45 AntiTheft
45L Carry-on Backpack
Venturesafe EXP45 anti-theft 45L carry-on travel pack
Roobar™ anti-theft anchor lock

eXomesh Slashguard

Carry-On Size. Opens flat for easy packing.

Puncture Resistant ToughZip™

Check Best Price on eBay Australia

Pacsafe ‘Ultimate’ 20L Locking Backpack
Ultimatesafe 20L Locking Backpacks
Roobar™ anti-theft anchor lock

Top Loading

RFID-blocking pocket

Smart zipper security™

Check Best Price on eBay Australia

Kopack Slim Laptop Backpack - Anti Theft
Kopack Anti Theft Backpacks with USB
USB Charging Port

Hidden Zippers

Water Resistant

Secret waist pocket

Check Best Price on eBay Australia

Pacsafe Toursafe EXP34 Anti-Theft Wheeled Gear Bag
Pacsafe Toursafe EXP34 Anti-Theft Wheeled Gear Bag
eXomesh® slashguards

Puncture resistant ToughZip™

Roobar™ anti-theft anchor lock

3 mm stainless steel locking cable with storage pouch

Check Best Price on eBay Australia

Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Crossbody Bucket Bag
Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Crossbody Bucket Bag
Slash-proof locking main and front compartments

Cut-proof shoulder strap attaches to chair or post

RFID blocking card slots

2 mesh expansion pockets to hold a water bottle etc.

Check Best Price on eBay Australia

Pacsafe Metro Sling Back Anti-theft Pack
Pacsafe Metro Sling Back Anti-theft Packs
Lockabout™ security clip

eXomesh® Slashguard

RFIDsafe™ Blocking Pockets

Carrysafe® Slashguard Straps

Check Best Price on eBay Australia

Camsafe X Sling Camera Travel Bag
Camsafe X Sling Camera Travel Bag
Fits most DSLR cameras + 2 standard lenses

RFID-blocking pockets

Lockable zips and slashguard technology

Can fit an 11-inch laptop or tablets

Check Best Price on eBay Australia

Pacsafe RFID Blocking Wallets
Pacsafe RFID Wallet
RFID Blocking material - Safeguard credit card details

Smooth, seamless, heat-welded designs

Holds multiple cards

Available in different styles and sizes

Check Best Price on eBay Australia

Pacsafe Coversafe X100 Anti-Theft RFID Blocking Waist Wallet
Pacsafe Coversafe X100 Anti-Theft RFID Blocking Waist Wallet
RFID Blocking - Keeping credit card details safe

Adjustable wire-reinforced carrysafe slashguard waist strap

Fits passport, credit cards, and other small valuable items
Suitable for all travllers to wear

Check Best Price on eBay Australia

Pacsafe Portable Travel Safe
Pacsafe Portable Travel Safes-5L
eXomesh® Slashguard

Patented 360 eXomesh locking system

Available in 5 Litre &, 12 Litre sizes

TSA accepted 3-dial combination lock included

Check Best Price on eBay Australia

Pacsafe 85 Secure Backpack and Bag Protector
Pacsafe 85 Secure Backpack and Bag Protectors
360 degree eXomesh locking system- High-tensile stainless steel

Available in 55 L, 85 L & 120 Litre sizes

Can be securely locked to posts, railings, beds etc.

Ideal for securing bags on motor bikes, in vehicles etc.

Check Best Price on eBay Australia

Best Anti-Theft Travel Bags

These are some of the best anti-theft travel bags and backpacks that we have found. Each one offers unique features, there is a design to suit most travelers.

  • Travel Safe Backpacks
  • Cross Body Anti-Theft Bags
  • Anti-Theft Handbags
  • Best Portable Safes & Bag Covers

Venturesafe EXP45 AntiTheft 45L Carry-on Backpack by Pacsafe

The Venture Safe range is our top pick for features and options as it is a good all-round carry-on approved pack with enough features to make it a really useful pack.

The Venturesafe range comes in a few sizes, each one has a built-in steel cable for locking it to something secure. The puncture-resistant zip plus eXomesh slash guard fabric will deter opportunistic thefts.Venturesafe EXP45 anti-theft 45L carry-on travel pack

Internal frame | Straps can be folded away when not needed.

Internal pockets and compression strap to keep gear safe and organized.

Dimensions: 21.65 x 13.78 x 8.66 in / 55 x 35 x 22 cm (H x W x D)

Weight: 3.81 lbs / 1.73 kg


Pacsafe ‘Ultimate’ 20L Locking Backpack

The ‘Ultimate’ is an ideal day pack with some of the best-designed safety features Ultimate safe 20L Locking Backpacksintegrated. It turns into a portable safe with a steel locking cable to secure to the furniture, posts, etc. The ultimate in security for your valuables, this 20 l backpack offers everything that Pacsafe is famous for.


Camsafe X Sling Camera Travel Bag

The Camsafe has been designed with the safety of expensive cameras in mind. It is one of the best packs for protecting gear and can also serve as a laptop pack (up to 11″) with the extra padding and security features.

The reliable built-in steel cable by Pacsafe means it can be safely secured to a post, furniture, inside a car, etc. Along with RFID blocking pockets to store credit cards safely, it is an excellent choice for travel.


Pacsafe Metro Sling Back Anti-Theft Pack

The style of the Metro Safe range of packs makes them super popular with commuters and they are also an excellent travel pack. The Metro range stops Pacsafe Metro Sling Back Anti-theft Packsopportunistic thieves in their tracks with anti-slash straps, RFID blocking, eXomesh Slashguard covering, and the ‘Lockabout Security’ clip to safely secure the pack to something solid.


Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Crossbody Bucket Bag

Travelon is another fabulous company with a big reputation for anti-theft bags of all shapes and sizes. Their cross-body bag is perfect for carrying the daily necessities as well as external mesh pockets for water etc.

The design is sleek and practical. Anti-slash shoulder straps, RFID blocking pocket, and a shoulder strap that can be used to attach the bag to a post or furniture for added safety when relaxing.


Pacsafe Toursafe EXP34 Anti-Theft Wheeled Gear Bag

The Toursafe is one of the best bags for people who do not want to carry backpacks.Pacsafe Toursafe EXP34 Anti-Theft Wheeled Gear Bag The Anti-theft anchor lock is one of Pacsafe’s best innovations and means the bag can be secured to a sold object. The puncture-resistant zip deters theft as it is not easy to quickly slash the zip, along with the eXomesh outer, this makes it a formidable opponent to thieves.


Pacsafe 85 Secure Backpack and Bag Protector

The Pacsafe Backpack and bag protector is perfect for securing gear to motorbikes when touring or covering a backpack securely at shared hostels,  camping, or when your back is turned at bus stations, etc.Pacsafe 85 Secure Backpack and Bag Protectors

I used one of these to secure gear on my motorbike when touring and we now use it to safeguard items in our camper trailer and other items, even in our canoe.

Cons – Whilst this protector is ideal for securing backpacks, etc. the mesh holes are large enough that someone can get a hand in and open pockets of packs, etc. Covering the bag before using the Pacsafe so that it is not obvious what is inside will help. The Pacsafe bag protector is ideal for many applications though and will deter opportunistic thefts.


Travel Gifts

An ideal travel gift – Anti-theft backpacks, luggage or even a portable safe will win points every time. Maybe an Amazon Gift Voucher would be perfect so loved ones can choose their preferred style?

Find more gift ideas that have been suggested by travel bloggers from around the world.

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