East Coast Australia Touring Guide

East Coast Australia Self Drive Tour Itinerary

A Complete 6-Week East Coast of Australia Touring Guide Starting in Sydney and up to Cape Tribulation in Far North Queensland, self-driving the East Coast is one of the best touring routes you can do … Read more

Melbourne to Adelaide

Melbourne to Adelaide Road Trip What to see and do

Melbourne to Adelaide Drive  – 727 kms / 8 hours The road trip directly from Melbourne to Adelaide can easily be driven in a day, though breaking it up into two days or even longer … Read more

Things to do in Tasmania

Things to do in Tasmania

Exploring Tasmania Tassie is packed full of things to do for couples, groups, families and solo travelers. Attractions – man-made and natural – are around every corner. The most incredible wilderness areas can be accessed, … Read more

Melbourne to Uluru Self Drive Itinerary

Wicked Walkabout - Uluru

Melbourne to Uluru Melbourne to Ayers Rock (Uluru) is one of the best Australian road trips we have done, the East Coast is great to drive, but the outback is even better! The huge distances … Read more

Sydney to Melbourne

Sydney to Melbourne Drive

Sydney to Melbourne Drive via the Coast This drive is part of the famous East Coast of Australia road trip and can be done via the coast or over the mountains and the Australian Alps. … Read more

Road Trip Australia

Road Trip Australia Travel & Planning Tips

Australian Road Trip Planning an Australian Road Trip can be confusing – deciding on the best time to travel, how long it will take and what to expect on your adventure. Many international visitors buy … Read more