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A recent family trip to Tasmania with a roof pod and loads of camping gear in the back of the car was not really an ideal way to travel. The roof pod was fine, but the gear in the back that could have become a real danger to passengers if we had been in an accident, was not well thought out.

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We recently had the opportunity to review and install a Travall Guard cargo barrier in the family car and were impressed. Rather than be a fixed item that was awkward to remove if needed, it is a clever design that can be removed and installed quickly.

Made from powder-coated steel, each one is specifically designed for different models of vehicles.

Installation of the Travall Guard

Installation of the cargo barrier is very simple. It does not have an excessive number of parts to put together and they are clearly described on the instruction sheet.

  • Read the notes on the instructions carefully
  • Take note of the images provided and the way the supports are installed

By following the diagrams, the Travall Guard can be in your vehicle very quickly.

Once secured into position by the rods that are fastened with a nut to the vehicle anchor points, with no modifications required at all, the guard is firm and cannot be moved.

I liked the fact that the car seats could still be moved forward to access items directly behind them, this was a major bonus.

Optional Divider

Dividers are also sold by Travall, which can then be used to separate animals from gear or even to keep animals apart if need be.

Travall Guard

All the parts laid out prior to construction. Very clear and straightforward. No extra tools required.

Side supports on, tightened by hand.

Ready to install.

Reading the instructions and checking the images provided, makes for an easy job.

Installed, it took about 25 minutes in total from unpacking the parts to finishing the job. Removing the barrier takes only a few minutes and installing the assembled barrier takes very little time too.

Side brackets rest, without any undue pressure, on the window ledge of the car and the metal rods secure easily to the anchor points in the car (Mitsubishbi Outlander 2012).

The dogs, all safe in the back of the car. No climbing over seats to join the passengers or any danger of them coming forward in the case of an accident.

Our Thoughts

The Travall Guard is an item we can use every day and on road trips, safe in the knowledge that passengers are safe. So easy to install and can be removed quickly to carry large items or to put the extra 2 seats up, whenever we need to. The cargo barrier from Travall impressed us and we wholeheartedly recommend the product as a quality item for anyone looking for a safety guard in their vehicle.

Find the Travall Cargo Barrier and other items on their website.

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