What is there to do in Melbourne at Night?

Last Updated on July 26, 2019

Things to do in Melbourne at Night

Possums and Little Fairy Penguins can be found in Melbourne as well as fabulous city night time views.

Melbourne has plenty of attractions to keep visitor’s entertained by day and some fun nightlife encounters too.

Little Penguins

One of those great little secrets that cities often have. When the breakwater was built at the end of St Kilda Pier in the 1970s, the little Penguins moved in! Down by Port Phillip Bay in St Kilda the Little Penguins nest amongst the rocks at the end of the pier. It is free to enter, no dogs allowed and please respect the penguins. Stay off the rocks and do not shine torches at them or use flash photography. Viewing is ideal just after dusk and daybreak.

Please follow the rules and keep our little penguins safe. Read more...

Phillip Island is also a great place to see the Little Penguins, visitors have been going to the Island for decades to see them come out of the water and up the beach to their nesting areas. There are plenty of other things to see and do on Phillip Island too, Thrifty Family Travels has all the information here.

Little Penguins St Kilda Victoria Australia

See Possums in the Park

The Fitzroy Gardens (and other gardens around the CBD) have a vibrant community of possums! After dark, a walk in the parks is highlighted with the sight of these curious little animals climbing around the trees. Do not feed them. They can become aggressive and may bite in a search for food if they know people might oblige with a snack. The Fitzroy Gardens are also home to Captain Cooks cottage, the Faerie Tree and miniature Tudor village.


Luna Park at Night

Luna Park is a favorite attraction for all visitors. Free Entry for everyone and pay for rides individually or buy a pass for the day/night. The famous gaping mouth at the entrance is iconic and a memory most Melbournians will have from their childhood if they grew up here. Check the website for opening times etc.

Ride the world’s oldest continually operating roller coaster!

Just as exhilarating as it was back at its opening in 1912, the Scenic Railway roller coaster continues to operate as the iconic heart of Luna Park. This world famous roller coaster will not only provide you with heart-stopping dips and turns, but also the most stunning views of Port Phillip Bay St Kilda has to offer.

Flame Walk by the Crown Casino

Walk the Southbank Promenade by Crown Casino after dark and let the kids see the flames shoot up…

Eight towers along Melbourne’s Southbank shoot the world’s largest fireballs into the night’s sky, with jaw-dropping spectacle. An experience not to be missed, Crown Melbourne’s Gas Brigade evening shows happen on the hour, starting from the times below:

– From December 1st – First show at 21:00
– From March 1st – First show at 20:00
– From April 1st – First show at 18:00
– From October 1st – First show at 20:00

Melbourne Star & The Eureka Skydeck

Both these attractions are at a cost but either one ought to be included in a night-time itinerary of Melbourne. Our pick is possibly the Eureka Skydeck as families can take their time with kids in tow.

Tip: Buy a family pass online or at the attraction – the pricing is the same.

SUN & STARS – Possibly the best option, for a bit extra, everyone can visit the Skydeck twice.

  • Two visits on the same day or over two consecutive days
  • Experience both night and day
  • $5.50 extra per person


Visiting Melbourne during Winter?

The Queen Victoria Night Markets operate for a limited time on Wednesday nights – Live entertainment, street food as well as fabulous market stalls.

Queen Vic – open all year round…

Queen Vic Market, on the corner of Elizabeth and Victoria Streets, is one of Melbourne’s favourites. A day-time visit is highly recommended. Find great food, cheap fruit, and veg as well as exploring hundreds of market stalls.

Check the website for opening times and special events as well as foodie tours.

Melbourne Accommodation

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