The Humble Postie Bike

Last Updated on July 25, 2019

Outback Australia on a Postie Bike!

The ubiquitous postie bike, an Australian legend in its own right. 110cc of awesomeness…taking on the vast outback of Australia and going where no postie bike was ever intended to go.

The darling of the postal delivery service in suburban Australia, these little motorbikes have been seen on some tough tracks around the country. Raising money for charities or just for fun… what a way to see the land down under!

Most of the Postie bikes hit the auctions at about 4 years of age. They then become faithful companions to regular Aussies being seen around town, often attached to the back end of many a motorhome or with a surfboard fixed to the side and heading to the waves. Some are ‘fortunate enough’ to head off on great adventures…

It’s not just Aussies taking to the road on these mean machines, read about the travels of the ex-British Bobbies, Gordan, and Belle Sinclair.

Postie Bike Charity Rides

The Apex Outback Postie Bike Ride raises awareness and money for the Childhood Cancer Association in South Australia.

The Postie Bike Challenge┬ádonate to charities and community groups, they provide the bikes and all support for riders. Touring different areas of the country, keeping away from the main tourist trail and providing participants with an incredible adventure. Entry and registration fees for 2016 – $5750AUD for 10 days.

Preparing a Postie Bike for Adventure

Part One – The Ride! See more of the Youtube videos…

“Simpson Desert Posties”

Postie Bike Chaos – Crossing the Nullabor

Would you be up for a postie bike ride around Australia??

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