Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, an exciting Sydney attraction. When travelling to Sydney on your Aussie adventures or as part of an East Coast Road Trip, one attraction not to miss has to be the climb up and over the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Cost to climb the Bridge

On arriving at Circular Quay, the bustling port type marina that is home to the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb and Opera House, you can easily find an attraction kiosk from where you can buy your climb tickets or book ahead here.Image of Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb Experience

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Although to some they may be a little pricey at $140 per adult do not let that unsettle you, the experience is completely worth it!

What to expect

Around a 10-minute walk from Circular Quay, you arrive at the climbing center, where you are given a thorough 20-30 minute safety briefing, underlining all the safety aspects of the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb, as well as a small demo mock-up section of the bridge for you to practice on. Not to mention the rather fetching all in one babygrow type suits you are given to wear! Nerves start to kick in a little as the realisation of what you’re about to do dawns, however, the ecstatic look on returning climbing groups faces allows the feeling to turn into excitement. One final check of the radio your tour guide has given you, in order to listen to their information and facts during the climb… and off you go!

It’s not until you’re outside in and amongst the massive structural steel beams, you realise just what a huge feat of engineering this bridge was. Constantly being updated and informed by your charismatic climb tour guide, two facts that stick in my mind were that over 6 million rivets were used, by hand may I add, to help join the beams and the steel came from Middleborough, England. (Only the best materials from the best country I’d say). Now the sheer scale of this structure really becomes apparent!

Up a few steep ladders and through a few narrow passageways, you make your way up on to the arch. Almost immediately, albeit at a fairly low point on the arch, you can get an idea of what sort of breathtaking views are in store..

Inside the beginning of the Sydney Harbour Bridge ClimbSurprisingly, the experience isn’t as nerve-racking as you may imagine. The walkways are easy to negotiate, you feel safe and more importantly, you’re able to relax and enjoy the stunning views! Climbing higher and higher, you pose for a few pictures along the way. It suddenly becomes very tranquil, just the whistling of the wind. That is until you realise the roaring of eight vehicle lanes and two train lines below!

You’ve made it to the middle and highest point of the arch! What a great sense of achievement and satisfaction. How on earth could you celebrate..? It’s easy! Taking in the most spectacular 360-degree views of the whole of Sydney and it’s surrounding areas makes it all so worthwhile! With the ‘Luna Park’ theme park and north Sydney in front of you. Then looking out to the east, down the harbour towards two heads and Manly. South-east you have the Opera House in all its glory. Behind you, the enormous bridge you’ve just climbed and the impressive skyscrapers, towers and hustle and bustle of the main city itself. Finally, to the west, you are able to see the Blue Mountains. They may be around 65km inland of where you are, but on a clear day, you can see them perfectly and what a sight!

Even though this trip lasts about 3 and a half hours, the walk back down seems very fast. The adrenaline still pumping through your body, along with the stunning views fresh in your memory make the descent seem like a walk in the park. Before you know it, you’re back where you started and walking through the entrance with a huge smile on your face, just like the people you saw coming back when you were waiting to climb. Now you can fully understand why!
What a great experience Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb is. For me, it was definitely the highlight of my stay there. There’s no better way to see the whole of Sydney, all its iconic parts and beauty in one place at one time.

Don’t think twice about doing the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb…. it’s a MUST. Book Now for the experience of a lifetime.

Image of people doing the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb in Australia

By Guest writer – Dan Barnes, U.K.

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  1. Agreed! The climb is fantastic! I recently climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge for my 40th birthday celebration to myself!! Just loved the views!

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