What to do during Winter in New South Wales

Exploring New South Wales

With the winter season setting in, some choose to escape the cold months and seek warmth elsewhere while others embrace it. You don’t need to travel outside of Australia to see great views or to have a good time, it is really a want that can be fulfilled by traveling domestically.

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There are extraordinary getaways simply a few hours drive away and much more especially interstate. Some known notable attractions in mind around Victoria are Mornington Peninsula, Mt Dandenong, Yarra Valley, Falls Creek, Mount Buller or the Grampians. But what if you want to go further, New South Wales is a state that is full of attractions and activities, with world-class wine regions, coastal towns, and ski fields.

As winter settles in, you should embrace it and use this time to hit the road for a short break and explore the region. Here are some of the top winter season getaways in New South Wales for those that want to change it up.

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Hit The Slopes At Kosciuszko

Winter is here, so embrace it. Mount Kosciuszko is home to 2 popular ski fields, Thredbo and Perisher. This vast national park is a six and a half hours drive from both the Sydney CBD and Melbourne CBD. It offers some wonderful views of the white glistening snow, and that is before you even hit the slopes.

The road trip from Melbourne to Sydney passes through Thredbo and the Victorian Alps.

Thredbo is popular among many with its variety of courses and lively atmosphere. There are ongoing events constantly during the season. While Perisher doesn’t have a vibrant setting compared to Thredbo, it is still a favorite due to its wide courses, being the largest snowfield in Australia. Perisher is great for those that want to relax and enjoy the snow taking things at their own pace. Visitors can ski, snowboard, snowshoe about or simply gaze at the white backdrop from a jacuzzi from one of the many resorts. But, there are much more to Mount Kosciuszko than just the snow, it is actually a great destination all year round.

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Experience The Light, Music & Ideas Festival

Sydney is always a great option to fall back to, with plenty of activities and eateries to keep you busy throughout the day and the night. Locals & tourists alike escape to the Sydney CBD especially during the cool season, particularly for the popular Vivid Sydney festival. The city has been revamped to showcase amazing light productions, host popular music performances and pushed into a discussion among many great minds. It is one of the biggest and unique festivals of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, commencing on the 26th of May till the 17th of June.

Viewers can see the Sydney Opera House come to life with complex shapes and designs with many great vessels lighting up the harbor. Definitely book any accommodation ahead of time, as crowds flock the streets and waterfront hotels to attend this free event.

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Retreat To Lane Cove National Park

Just a 30-minute drive from the Sydney CBD, Lane Cove National Park is a hidden natural pocket in the bustling suburban area. It is a beautiful natural attraction with an undisturbed setting and views of bushland. Kayaking, hiking, walks, cycling and picnics are some of the top activities here.

Though, the main attraction here is the accommodation. The park has many campsites for those that want to be closer to nature and take it to the next level that is not too far from civilization. Though, also located close to the park is a luxurious glamping experience that is a perfect escape. The Tandara features the best of both worlds, with hot showers, TV and other amenities it still has uninterrupted views of flora and fauna. It is a great way to spend a romantic weekend while enjoying wine and the coziness of the lush bed and soaking in the beautiful views on the private deck. It is also close by to Vivid.

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Venture To Wollongong

The next largest city in New South Wales is Wollongong. An 8-hour drive from Melbourne or a 1.5-hour flight. Wollongong is a coastal town south of Sydney that presents some genuinely lovely shorelines. While you won’t be typically swimming in the winter months, you can enjoy strolls and even get a chance to have a glimpse at whales migrating to warmer waters.

There are superb restaurants as well as attractions near the area that makes the city a great base for exploring. You can spend the day hiking, doing water sports, going for a day spa package, shopping, participating in the local events or venturing the nearby towns. Be sure to visit Nan Tien Temple which is one of the largest Buddhist temples in the Southern Hemisphere, or check the sights of Wollongong from Mount Keira or other popular lookouts.

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If you are looking for a long trip that covers it all. Forster can be the final destination. 12 hours from the Melbourne CBD and a 3 hours drive North of Sydney, this trip can cover most of the above attractions mentioned for Melbourners. It takes you past Kosciusko, Sydney CBD as well as notable attractions like The Entrance, New Castle and Port Stephens. This peaceful coastal town has great beaches with fresh succulent seafood. It is a getaway destination that is becoming quite popular with its serene natural attractions and wonderful features.

Yet you may also avoid the water here in the winter months, there are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy. The road trip alone can be the highlight.

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There are many locations and attractions that are closer to you than you may think. Whether you are taking the whole family or going on a couples retreat, there is definitely a winter getaway for you nearby, it is a perfect excuse to get away for the upcoming winter school holidays.

Author Bio: Having moved from the States not too long ago, Olivia now calls Sydney home. She spends her spare time exploring the many great hidden natural pockets that are within reach. Enjoying the golden sandy beaches, hip cafes, lush forests, and cool climate of the Land down under, she occasionally writes for Great Lost. In the hope of motivating and informing others.

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