Malham Cove Walk, Yorkshire Dales

Last Updated on July 25, 2019

Visiting Malham Cove with the kids.

A smashing spot to explore, it even featured in Harry Potter …

The Yorkshire Dales has miles of dry stone walls dating back over 200 years. It is an area of outstanding beauty and Malham Cove is one of the many charms of the region.

Malham is a small village with a real Yorkshire charm and the starting point for the walk to the Cove.

Glaciers created Malham Cove and helped to form the rocky landscape at the top. The limestone ‘pavement’ was eroded by ice more than 12,000 years ago. Slightly acidic rainwater has slowly dissolved away rock from along faults and cracks. These ‘grykes’ as they are known, are home to many plants and are protected by law.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was partly filmed here, but the main claim to fame of the area is the natural history that attracts walkers from all over the country.

Another wonderful area to visit in the Dales is Ingleton and the stunning Waterfalls Walk. The kids loved this hike.

Malham-Cove-Yorkshire-Dales (2)

Malham-Cove-Yorkshire-Dales (3)

Malham, a pretty little Yorkshire Village.

Malham-Cove-Yorkshire-Dales (5)

Passing by Malham is The Pennine Way a National Trail following along the mountain tops of England, 268 miles of the finest walking in England. 

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Miles of Dry Stone walls cover the Dales, still standing strong after a couple of centuries.

Malham-Cove-Yorkshire-Dales (7)

Approach to Malham Cove. 80m / 260 feet high.

Malham-Cove-Yorkshire-Dales (8)

Stone ‘clapper’ bridge over Malham Beck (stream).

Malham-Cove-Yorkshire-Dales (9)

Malham-Cove-Yorkshire-Dales (12)

Malham Cove Yorkshire Dales

One of ‘those moments’. After walking slowly, absorbing the landscape, the realization that the kids had climbed a side path and then sat, perched on the edge of a ledge at Malham Cove. They were just little specks until zoomed-in upon!

Malham-Cove-Yorkshire-Dales (16)

Whilst the kids would have loved to have been there when filming was on for The Deathly Hallows some years back, it would have detracted from the awesome experience of roaming freely.

Malham-Cove-Yorkshire-Dales (17)

My turn to be perched on the edge, quite safely though! I kind of ‘bum shuffled’!

Malham-Cove-Yorkshire-Dales (18)

Malham-Cove-Yorkshire-Dales (19)

Malham-Cove-Yorkshire-Dales (21)

And back down again, safe and sound.

Malham-Cove-Yorkshire-Dales (22)

The most sturdy gate closing device I have ever seen!

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