Kings Canyon Rim Walk

The Kings Canyon walk is such an impressive place to explore, this is one of the best walks in Australia. It is part of the Watarrka National Park in Australia’s Northern Territory. After travelling through the flat landscape of the outback, it was pleasant to arrive in this stunning area.

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Massive sandstone walls, 270 metres high,  sandstone domes that rather resemble ‘bee hives’ and a natural spring waterhole surrounded by gum trees and huge ferns, known as The Garden of Eden. An oasis on a hot day and such a beautiful spot to relax.

The walk begins with a steep, though not insurmountable, climb up to the canyon rim with views across the countryside below extending as far as the eye can see. From the rim the walk is easier, 6km taking about 3-4 hours. Medium difficulty suitable for most people with a reasonable level of fitness.

We took our time on this walk and soaked up the incredible views, the kids loved climbing the rocks and getting as close to the edge of the cliffs as possible before being summoned back to a safer point!

Start early to avoid the heat of the day. Pack snacks and water… take your time, soak up the area, enjoy the experience.

Kings Canyon Location

The Canyon walk is located approximately 300 km northeast of Uluru and 450 km south-west of Alice Springs, the road in from the south is sealed and suitable for all vehicles. From the north, the road is unmade and a robust vehicle is required. We were keen to travel to Alice Springs, heading north, but were advised that while the Subaru would be ok our camper trailer would be likely to end up with a broken axle! Time wise, it is about the same heading on either road to Alice.

Alice Springs to Kings Canyon

Driving from Alice Springs to Kings Canyon takes 6 hours, covering 473 kms on the most direct route. Suitable for all vehicles.

Alice Springs to Kings Canyon Drive, Australia

Alice Springs to Kings Canyon – Via an unsealed road.

Driving to Kings Canyon via Larapinta Drive is best done with a 4wd though regular cars do pass through – But, it is corrugated and can be very rough on an unmade road. 9 hours and 332 kms.

Drive from Alice Springs to Kings Canyon Drive, via unmade back roads, Australia

Ayers Rock/Uluru to Kings Canyon

Driving from Ayers Rock/ Uluru to Kings Canyon follows the sealed roads all the way and takes 4 hours covering 303 kms. It is an easy drive with fuel stations along the way – always fill up when the opportunity is available.

Drive from Ayers Rock to Kings Canyon

Accommodation at Kings Canyon

Kings Creek Station and Kings Canyon Resort are our recommended accommodation options. 

We pitched in the campground at the Kings Canyon Resort (they have rooms available too), a basic camping area, but adequate. I slept outside under the stars with our 11-year-old daughter, gazing at the stars and listening to the dingos, wondering if we would be stepped on during the night as they do come close to people scavenging for food. Definitely, heed the advice of the rangers – keep all food safely stored away!

Kings Canyon Rim Walk Australia

Kings Canyon Rim Walk Australia

The Rim Walk really is one of the most spectacular hiking trails in the country. Caution needs to be used and children kept under control and told of the dangers.

Kings Canyon Rim Walk Australia

Garden of Eden - Kings Canyon Rim Walk Australia

Garden of Eden – Kings Canyon Rim Walk

Kings Canyon Rim Walk Australia

Kings Canyon Rim Walk Australia

Kings Canyon Rim Walk Outback Australia