Travel with Happy Kids on Road Trips

Travel with Happy Kids on Road Trips – e-Book

Our spiffing little e-book of games, jokes, and ideas to keep kids and adults all happy little vegemites on road trips and travels can be downloaded free from the link below.

Travel with kids on road trips should be a fabulous experience, not one full of stress and anxiety. With just a bit of planning and practice, touring with your children can be such a fun, memory building experience.

Stop often, even for short spells – play the ‘ first one to spot the next playground game’! Then stop and give them 5 minutes to expel some energy. We always had the kids on the lookout for playgrounds or anywhere at all that looked fun to them. Sometimes it was an op-shop (charity shop) or maybe just a big tree to climb.

Happy Kids on Road Trips - Free e-Book

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