Go Pro Hero 7 Black – Is this the best Action Camera?

These rugged little cameras are made to get dirty. They can go almost anywhere and come out unscathed. Ours goes bike riding, horse riding, swimming in the ocean and has been strapped to the dog for a romp with his mates. It also gets used as a spy camera in the horse float at times, so we can check what the ponies are up to via the app installed on a smartphone or iPad etc.

Each of the three new models for 2019 – The Black, Silver and White all offer superb quality and build. The 7 Black is approximately double the price of the 7 White, which one is ideal for you depends on what you want from the camera and your budget. If you can extend to around $500AU, the Black is the ultimate Go Pro available currently. See our comparison table below.

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Who uses the Go Pro Cameras?

Most of the advertising and promotions for the Go Pro cameras since they were first launched in 2004 have been targetted at extreme sports enthusiasts. Footage showed them being used by skateboarders, skiers, mountain bike riders racing down scary trails. But, these little cameras are for everyone. For adrenalin junkies and for families and anyone wanting to get some excellent video footage of whatever activity they please.

Attach them to your dog for a bit of a laugh, on a bike (video footage below) pop in under a waterfall. Use them wherever you please.

Which Go Pro to choose?

The Go Pro 7 comes in three different models with the 7 Black being the top of the range.

The biggest game changer from previous models is the inbuilt ‘Hyper Smooth’ stabilisation on the 7 Black, this makes moving videos especially smooth by reducing the shake dramatically, put it on a bike and go for a ride, the results are awesome. At around $500 AU, this incredible camera technology is within grasp for many people.

The Go Pro Silver and White cameras do have image stabilisation inbuilt as well and the results are really good, but the 7 Black takes it a few notches higher with the Hyper smooth stabilisation, the ‘Time Warp’ feature and extra slow-motion capability.

Video & Frames Per Second4K 60FPS
4K 30FPS 1080p 60FPS
Camera MP12MP10MP10MP
Slow Motion Filming8X Slo Mo2X Slo Mo2X Slo Mo
HyperSmooth Stabilisation
Voice Control
'Time Warp' Video
Waterproof to 10m
Optional Underwater
'Super Suit' to 60m
Live Streaming
Removable Battery
Removable Lens
(can be replaced if damaged)
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Areas the Go Pro 7 series could be improved upon:

I really only have one issue with the camera. There is a cover over the charging slot which can only be opened when the outer cover is removed. The actual cover can be removed so our camera has this taken off for easy charging on the go but it then makes the charging slot vulnerable to dirt, dust, rain etc. I’d love to see a secondary cover on the outer casing for quick access, even if it is not waterproof. It is then up to the user to ensure they do not go submerging the camera in water before putting the main cover back on. So far, we have not had any problems with having the cover off and keep it in a bag that goes with the camera all the time, so it is handy to grab when needed.

Suggestions and tips

Use a top quality micro SD card. We have the San Disk Extreme 128gb which can write and read the filming super fast. It is no point having a great camera but letting the side down with a cheaper SD card.

The battery life is reduced when the wifi mode is on if you are not using the smartphone app, turn off the wifi on the Go Pro. The battery is removable, which is great, so a spare can be bought as a back up for a big filming mission.

Rubber lens covers can be bought on eBay for a few dollars, it’s worth getting one or two for added protection.

Uploading to Youtube – When we uploaded our HD videos to Youtube the result was really poor. After a few days of searching for answers as to why,  it turns out that Youtube renders regular peoples videos in a lesser quality, making them really ordinary to watch, especially with fast-moving scenes. Youtubers with large viewing numbers and a huge follower base get treated differently though, their videos are rendered at a higher spec. We subscribed to Vimeo for $12 or so a month, with a 5GB weekly upload limit,  and the quality is the same as the movie that we created and uploaded.

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Go Pro Accessories

It is possible to buy generic brand accessories very cheaply for a Go Pro, some are perfectly good and others can be rubbish. Genuine G0 Pro accessories will cost more, but the build quality is usually superior. Go Pros will usually come with a couple of different mounting clips. The many different accessories that can be bought enable users to attach the camera to helmets, surfboards, vehicles, bikes or to be worn as a chest harness,  or on your wrist, leg, arm… Wherever you want to mount a Go Pro, there will be something available to accomplish the mission.

Our favourites: The Go Pro Shorty Tripod. This great little tripod is just under 12cm when at it’s tiniest and up to 22.7 cm extended. It’s legs fold in really neatly so it can be used as an extension or spread out for selfies or to stabilise the camera for low light shots etc.

The other favourite addition to our Go Pro is the 3-Way Tripod grip pole. Perfect for Vloggers, selfies, getting above crowds etc. Inside the hand grip is a small tripod which can be removed and screwed to the handle. It is lightweight, waterproof and measures 50.8cm when extended and 19cm folded.

Go Pro Hero 7 Black Review - ideal family and travel camera.