Best Family Travel Blogs, by Aussies

Family bloggers from Australia are on this list in no particular order, they include some of the best family travel stories from the land down-under and overseas.

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If you are not on the list, and I know that we must have loads more blogs to include,  just add your website name in the comments section below and we’ll get you on here too! The only criteria are that you must be an Aussie family of travellers…

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Love Pirates

I’m a forty (odd) year old husband and father who’s terrified of blogging but loves writing. Originally from Scotland, I now live in Sydney with my wife and two kids.

I didn’t know anyone with children when my wife was expecting the first time around. So I’d sit in front of my computer at the end of the day and squeeze my life out onto the keys. And the more I wrote, the more I could make sense of it all. I haven’t really stopped since.

A most excellent article… Driving around Australia

Adventure and Sunshine

“There is nothing like the feeling when you step off a plane, bus or boat in a new place. It is a sensory explosion as you take in the sights, smells, sounds and feel of your new destination. Ever since we first travelled overseas in our early 20’s, we have sought out new places to explore. We have been fortunate to visit over 35 countries to date and have always dreamed of sharing our joy of travel with our kids”.

A most excellent article… Europe in a campervan with kids

Explora Mum

We are a traveling and exploring duo called Exploramum and Explorason.  I’m a single older Mum from Australia, and I have been traveling with my son around the world. We love to focus on Random Acts of Kindness when we travel.

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Little Luxe Traveller

Nooreen, lover of luxury hotels and mother to a beautiful baby boy. When our little one was born, we thought that our travelling days would have to be put on hold. But all too soon we found ourselves daydreaming about luxury hotels and beautiful destinations, just waiting to be discovered.

A most excellent article… Six Reasons to book a holiday with your baby

Boy Eats World

This is one of the funniest, interesting family blogs! The antics of Raffles and his little sister will make you giggle out loud. Such a brilliant blog that depicts family life and is bursting with the best travel stories and advice…

A most excellent article… Wild Adventures and water fun in Cairns with kids

Travel With Bender

Leaving their Perth, Western Australia home in 2012, this family has been travelling the globe like nomads ever since. Loads of travel advice and destination articles with plenty of humour thrown in.

A most excellent article… 5 Deadliest Australian Animals – Can you eat them?

Going Anyway

An Aussie family with some great yarns to tell. Travelling in Asia and Australia with 5 kids and a wheelchair. The warmth and passion that is entwined in their stories will inspire anyone to travel!

A most excellent article… The bit about ‘give thanks in all circumstances’

Little Aussie Travellers

Great family adventures around Australia with practical tips on education, travel with a dog and what to expect on the road with a family in Australia.

A most excellent article…  Education for Travelling Children – Homeschool Advantages

Where’s Sharon?

Sharon and her husband travel extensively with their 3 kids, both in Australia and far afield. Writing with passion and humour, there is something for every traveller in this family blog. Sharon has compiled a load of destination guides to help inspire wanderlust…

A most excellent article… 5 Reasons to Travel the World with Baby

Livin’ On The Road

Amy and Jarrad are trotting around Australia with their 4 kids, living in a 22ft campervan. I just love the into on their ‘about’ page…

“I want to travel around Australia,” I (Amy) told my husband Jarrad. He looked at me dubiously and stated incredulously, “Let me get this straight. You want to live in a campervan, with four kids? Are you nuts?”

A most excellent article… Diet shouldn’t stop you from travelling

1 Year Off

These guys have ‘Been There, Done That’ around Australia and have the best round-up of stories about travel on the road around Australia. Some great reading and inspiration to be had…

A most excellent article… Gibb River Road, Part 1

World Travel Family

Over 3 years of world travel, this family blog has so much information packed in. From education on the road, living frugally and all the joys and encounters that can come from full-time travel with kids.

A most excellent article... Homeschool & Travelling

New Life On The Road

Join the Woody family on their Aussie adventures. Travelling with their 5 boys, though 1 has since moved on to work and a career. They have been exploring and have had some incredible adventures in their renovated bus.

A most excellent article... Travelling in a Motorhome

Our Family Get About

A Queensland family of four who left their home in 2013 to travel for 18 months… and they are still on the road with their daughters and a caravan. Living the life on their big lap of Australia!

A most excellent article… What is e-kindy?

Great Aussie Road Trip

After spending 4 months travelling over 20,000 km’s around Australia in 2008, the Power Family hit the road again in 2010. Loads of great stories and reviews on their site to inspire family travel.

A most excellent article… Canberra to Lake Mungo & Lake Eyre

This Is Our Australia

Warrick & Fabienne headed off in 2014 with their two daughters, Landcruiser and caravan for an epic adventure around Australia. A huge amount of travel advice to be found on this site from buying a vehicle to destination guides.

A most excellent article… Actually, it’s a page… Ariel videos of Australian destinations

Wanderlust Story Tellers

What a fabulous name for a blog! Self-described as a ‘crazy, fun-loving family of 4’ , their blog is aimed to inspire and it doesn’t fail! They are definitely a family of ‘Wanderlusters’.

A most excellent article… What to do at Cradle Mountain in Tasmania

Travel At The Speed Of Life

A family of four who sold up everything to travel Australia indefinitely. Selling their home to buy a super rig to travel in and working their way around the country.

A most excellent article… Camping safety with kids

Are We There Yet (times 3)?

I think we all know that question! With their three daughters, Shantelle and Craig travelled clockwise around Australia. Great images and inspiring thoughts…

A most excellent article… Great Central Road

Y Travel Blog

Kaz and Craig travelled around Australia with their kids and have also lived and toured overseas extensively. Their blog has loads of travel tips and also plenty of inspiration for saving $’s to help you get on the road to your travel dreams.

A most excellent article… Exploring Fraser Island