Venice, Kids & Gelato:

Breakfast in Venice

Gelato for breakfast in Venice was a plan well before we arrived in the city. I had been telling the girls that we would be doing some serious gelato consuming in Italy and this was the place to start!

Breakfast… Lunch and even after dinner. Or was that for dinner too?  Overdoing it perhaps, but the temptation was there, around every corner and in every alley.

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Exploring Venice

Venice is a city that conjures up images of romance and gondola rides…  it is also a fantastic city to visit with children. The girls had no idea what to expect as they were simply told it is a city with no cars or roads.

It is almost obligatory to get somewhat lost in Venice. Exploring the waterways and side alleys with no thought about where you might be. It is a city that needs a few days at least, to soak up the history and life.

The moment we stepped off the boat by St Mark’s Square touts selling all manner of items pounced. The main items being sold were ‘selfie sticks’! Oooh, no. However, the girls spotted one lost on a side street and had a fun time posing in front of an imaginary camera!

Famous ‘must sees & must do’s’ in Venice include:


GONDOLA RIDES: A gondola ride is one of the most romantic images of Venice, slowly drifting down the canals. Gondola rides can be quite expensive, each one carries six people and can be shared without changing the cost so it is possible to save some money by sharing a tariff with other people.

Venice with children

Venice with kids

Venice.4.Burano (Copy)

MURANO: The island of Murano has been home to Venetian glassmakers since 1291. A lovely little island, accessed by ferry boat. Watching an artisan create intricate pieces from glass is fascinating. Much of the glass sold in Venice these days is a cheap import. Watch for signs to say a shop is licensed and selling only Venetian glass, personally, it would seem preferable to purchase a smaller item made locally than anything that has been imported.

BURANO: This little island explodes with colour in every direction. A fascinating island that has its roots in lacemaking since the 1400’s. In the 1980’s women could be seen lace making in the streets, nowadays though there is little left of the craft, sadly. It is a delightful place to stay a night or two and just wander the streets.

Residents on Burano and who wish to paint their house must send a letter to the government, who will tell them which colors they are allowed to use.

Burano Glass Blowing, Venice, Italy

Burano Glass Blowing, Venice, Italy

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