Denmark – Home to Royalty, Fairgrounds and Lego Land!

Quite apart from awesome attractions such as the original Lego Land, Tivoli Gardens and the Author Hans Christian Andersen – Denmark is home to some of the best beaches to be found anywhere, seaside towns oozing with charm and hospitable people!

Our goal was to catch up with friends at their summer-house in Blokhus. The Google maps car has not yet visited this lovely old town, which was a bonus as then we did not know what to expect. Blokhus is a popular holiday spot among the Danish and Germans, miles of sandy beaches and a laid back atmosphere create an ideal place for relaxing.

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With a population of just over 400, Blokhus attracts around 1 million visitors annually. Situated on the north-west coast of the Jutland Peninsula, the North Sea extends along the coast line.

As a summer holiday spot the swimming is great – even in the winter when there is occasionally the chance to have an icy dip and then sprint to a saltwater hot tub on the beach! This occasion happened to be on the weekend we were there and Amy took the challenge, whilst we were the back up crew and paparazzi!

Denmark - winter swim in North Sea

North sea, Denmark

… and a good rub down afterwards, by the support crew!


Mile after mile of open beach! In summer there is hardly any space left as people flock to the North Sea. Cars are allowed to be on the beach so people can reach the area without walking for miles!


Blokhus, Denmark

Typically, the houses are all one level. Blokhus has managed to avoid the expansion and multi level apartments that are so often a part of popular holiday regions around the world.

A local parkland has been developed for recreation with some ideas that would be welcomed in many countries. Walking trails and a fitness circuit with different exercise areas plus a mountain bike trail criss crossing the woods is a popular place on weekends. Joggers, dog walkers and horse riders greet each other merrily.

An open picnic area, wood fired pizza oven and even logs with a log splitter for public use offer an ideal venue for lunch or dinner along with a great playground complete with flying fox for the kids – young and old (er)!


Pizza Oven

Pizza oven, ready to use!

log splitter

Manual log splitter!

flying fox

Flying fox, among the many kid friendly activities.

Afer a light dusting of snow, the girls managed to make a small snowman whilst at Blokhus!

Snowmen at Blokhus

Salt CentRE – Mariager

Life without salt would be quite different to what we know. The Mariager Salt Centre, located in the harbour city of Mariager, is an educational experience worth taking the kids to.

People have been extracting salt in this area for centuries, the Mariager Centre has a complete historical display of the salt extraction process from deep within the ground and via evaporation from the sea water.

The store sells a variety of different salt products and the pool is an invigorating experience. Being so salt-laden, it is impossible to sink in the pool and the girls were amazed at how they floated in the water that was an average of 40 degrees!. Massage sessions and other  wellness therapies are available too.

The centre also has a simulated elevator taking passengers back in time to experience life in a salt mine as it would have been 100 years ago.

Salt centre

Salt center


Salt center Pool, Mariager