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Australia is a dog-loving country, but a pain in the proverbial when it comes to being dog-friendly.

There is a movement to bring some awareness to the issue, led by Dr Chris Brown. The website and Keep Aus Pet Friendly Facebook page  is a starting point with the objective to:

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 “Keep Australia Pet-Friendly is an awareness campaign led by vet Dr Chris Brown focused on encouraging Australian cities and places to be more pet-friendly“.

  • Can I take my dog around Australia? Yes. And No. Yes, you definitely can, though there will be plenty of times that you are not allowed into areas like National Parks and many campsites. A fun FaceBook page to peruse for some hints is Where’s Wally? An often hilarious account of a couple travelling around Australia with their Bassett.
  • Can I take my dog into National Parks? This is the biggest problem when travelling around Australia. Most National Parks have a ban and some will stipulate that people cannot even have a dog in a parked car. If a road passes through a National Park, like when driving through Thredbo in the mountains of New south Wales, dogs can be in the car as long as you are not stopping to get out with them. The Dandenong Ranges, in Victoria, boast a number of dog-friendly walks within the National Park and Sheepyard Flats in the Victorian High Country allow dogs in the camping area. Yeah!. Always make sure to check online prior to going to any National or even State Parks.

Pet Sitting for other people with a dog, and then they do the same in return is a great way to see places that the family dog is not allowed into. Often contacts can be made at caravan parks and camp grounds.

  • Can I take my dog on the train? In Melbourne, we are lucky to be able to take dogs on the trains, on-leash. Each state varies and it is always best to double check in case regulations change. Victoria has a rule to say dogs must be muzzled.
  • Can I take my dog on the tram or bus? They must be carried in an approved animal carrier Unless it is a guide dog, of course….. Do check regulations by state though as these can vary.
  • Can I take my dog in an Uber? As Uber drivers own the vehicle they use, it is up to each driver to decide.
  • Can I take my dog on beaches? This depends entirely on the local councils. Many beaches have certain times when dogs can have access to beaches. It often varies depending on the season too. Look for relevant signage.

Have you travelled with your dog, any tips to add in the comment section below?