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Last Updated on July 26, 2019

We seem to love our Big Things in Australia!

All in the name of a good laugh and a bit of promotion. Giant crustaceans, massive fruit, big toys and huge guitars… find them on a drive around the country. Here is our checklist of go-sees when it comes to big things in Australia!

The Big Prawn at Ballina, New South Wales

Redz Australia has a great blog post about the Big Prawn and its near-death experience. It has been a Ballina icon since the late 1980s and was in danger of being tossed aside like a piece of rubbish until saved at the last moment…phew.

The Big Prawn, Ballina, NSW   Source – Wikipedia


Big Lobster at Kingston, South Australia

Larry the Lobster, circa 1979, is another Aussie Crustacean Icon who fell into disrepair and was almost sent to the scrap heap. Saving Larry became a focal point with plenty of media attention and public outcry.

Larry The Lobster Kingston South Australia
Larry The Lobster Kingston, South Australia. Source – Wikipedia

The Big Merino, Goulburn

The big sheep! Goulburn, New South Wales – home to the big Merino which was built in 1985 as a tribute to the fine wool industry of the area. Climb up through the sheep’s innards and peek out of his eyeballs!

The Big Merino Goulburn NSW
The Big Merino Goulburn NSW

The Big Koala, Dadswell Bridge, Victoria

I love the fuzzy ears on the Big Koala, it is right beside the road and houses a tourist information center inside. We visited the big Koala on our way to Uluru and Central Australia as well as on a trip to the Flinders Ranges.

Giant Koala Dadswell Bridge, South Australia
Big Koala Dadswell’s Bridge, Victoria

Big Rocking horse, Gumeracha, South Australia

Combining a restaurant, animal park, and toy shop, the complex is a big drawcard for families. There is a small charge to climb the biggest rocking horse you are ever likely to see.

Built in 1981 it weighs 25 tonnes and stands at 18.3 meters. Earlier creations were not quite as jaw-dropping as the big rocking horse that now stands proudly by the toy factory.

By the way, luckily, the big rocking horse does not actually rock!

Big rocking horse, Gumeracha, south Australia
Big Rocking Horse, Gumeracha, South Australia

Big Golden Guitar, Tamworth, New South Wales

Tamworth – Australia’s Country & Western Music capital! Home of the Big Golden Guitar. Unveiled by “Australia’s King of Country Music’ Slim Dusty in 1988. 12 meters high, weighing half a tonne. There is a museum to visit as well as a  cafe and souvenirs…

Tamworth was a diversion worth doing on our East Coast Australia road trip.

Tamworth - Big Golden Guitar
Tamworth – Big Golden Guitar

Big Park Bench – Broken Hill

Proudly gracing the top of a massive slag heap, the Big Park Bench is possibly not the most comfortable spot to relax – but it is one of the biggest benches you may ever sit upon. Broken Hill is an old silver mining town in New South Wales. It’s almost considered the Outback of Australia as it’s on the very edge.

Big Park Bench Seat, Broken Hill, South Australia
Big Park Bench Seat, Broken Hill, South Australia

Big Banana, Coffs Harbour, New South Wales

Ah, the Big Banana! Somewhere the kids all generally love to visit. Visible from the main road as you drive through beautiful Coffs Harbour, the Big Banana is a tourist mecca with a fun park, cafe, and souvenir shop as well as guided visits to the banana plantation.

Big Banana Coffs Harbour, NSW
Big Banana Coffs Harbour, NSW

Big Ned Kelly, Glenrowan, Victoria

Ned Kelly is a bit of a legend in Australia. A Bushranger and generally, naughty boy. Stand proudly by Ned on the main street of Glenrowan in Northern Victoria, visit the local museum to learn more about the life and times of Ned Kelly and his mates.

Ned Kelly, Glenrowan, Victoria
Ned Kelly, Glenrowan, Victoria

While you are visiting Ned, stop in at the ‘out-house’ on the main street and see the biggest Red-Back spider to be found! no doubt inspired by the Aussie song – ‘Red Back spider on the Toilet Seat’!

Red Back spider in the Loo, Glenrowan, Victoria
Red Back spider in the Loo, Glenrowan, Victoria


The list of ‘Australia’s Big Things’ is almost endless. More are scattered around the countryside and may well be added to this page… another time…

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  1. Ha! What an awesome post, totally tacky but lots of fun, especially for kids. I think I like the lobster the most…how weird is that. Hope the kids didn’t have nightmares.

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