When is the Best Time to Visit Tasmania?

Last Updated on July 26, 2019

The BEST time to visit Tasmania is?

There is something to see and do during all seasons in Tassie. Whether it’s indoors at the Mona Art Gallery in Hobart on a chilly winters day or hiking the overland track from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair National Park during the summer or Autumn.

Tasmania can get very cold and have extreme weather at any time. Snow falls and biting winds can occur in Summer. Hobart has had snow during the summer months and across the southern region and mountains. Have stated that, Melbourne can be the same. Our first log fire up in the Dandenong Ranges (just on the edge of Melbourne) was on Christmas Day 2006!

Springtime in Tasmania and the little island really shows off! Poppies, tulips and hundreds of acres of flowers from one end of the state to the other. The Table Cape region is especially famed for the tulip displays and the northeast has the world-famous Bridestowe Estate Lavender Farm.

Summertime in Tasmania does not generally get super high temperatures, though plenty of days are hot and humid. The island has some of the best beaches in the world and any time of the year can be fantastic for a beach walk.

Autumn is fabulous, it is my favourite time in many places. Days are getting cool and crisp, fewer crowds and hiking can be the best.

Ideally, late spring/summer/early autumn would be considered the pick of the best seasons to visit Tasmania. Tassie does not get as crowded as many mainland states in the peak holidays seasons – perhaps with the exception of Mt Wellington, Cradle Mountain and Wine Glass Bay.

Sept – November

Min Average Temp: 8C / 46F

Max Average Temp: 17C / 62F

December – February

Min Average Temp: 12c /52f

Max Average Temp: 21c / 70f


Min Average Temp: 9C /  48F

Max Average Temp: 17C / 63F

June – August

Min Average Temp: 5C / 41F

Max Average Temp: 12C / 54F

Getting There – Spirit of Tasmania Ferry

Travellers have two ways of travelling to Tasmania. Most flights go to Launceston & Hobart, which is a quick option and some fabulous deals can be found with Jetstar and Tiger Air.

Driving straight onto the Spirit of Tasmania with your own wheels is our first choice for a family holiday to the little island with so much to see.

Booking Tickets on the Ferry to Tassie

The online booking system is quite straightforward with options to cross the Bass Strait as foot passengers or with a vehicle. Day sailings run during the summer months and do not require passengers to book a cabin or seat as time can be spent wandering the different areas onboard. Overnight sailings do require a cabin or aeroplane style seat to be booked and paid for.

It is often much cheaper to book during the offseason and worth looking for some good deals. Book online direct here.

Onboard the Spirit of Tasmania

Boarding the ship is simple. Foot passengers will be directed from the departure lounge. Driving a car on is very straightforward. Simply follow the instructions of the staff.

  • All car passengers remain in the vehicle during boarding.
  • Tickets, keys to cabins (if booked) will all be handed to the driver on the way through.
  • Once parked, take out any items you will want during the voyage as passengers are not allowed access to cars during the sailing.
  • Lock your car and make a note of the deck level and colour so you can return easily.
  • Head upstairs and explore the levels, restaurants, information centre, kids games are and cinemas!

Dogs can Travel on the Ferry to Tasmania

We took our little dog with us to Tassie and bought a pet carrier for her to have a blanket in etc. whilst in the kennel provided on the ship. There is a small fee for the kennel, though the animal can travel free of charge.

  • We were all rather distressed about leaving one little dog alone in the kennel, despite the fact she was in her familiar carrier with blankets, food, toys etc.
  • It definitely impacted the voyage thinking of her down there, alone and afraid with all the noises!

Something we wish we had known earlier about taking a dog

  • It is not compulsory to put your dog in a kennel on the Spirit of Tasmania!
  • All the decks are well ventilated.
  • Dogs can be left in a locked vehicle if preferred.
  • Simply ask when boarding your car to sign a waiver to leave your dog in your car.
  • Really simple.

The return journey was so much better for knowing our little dog was sleeping in our car. She knew we would be back there and was much less stressed. The windows were down a little way, there is plenty of ventilation on all car decks and no fumes at all.

It is a long time for a dog to be left alone though employees do patrol the decks. We chose the day sailing which is 9 hours, plus an hour or so boarding before departure.

  • Another advantage of leaving a dog in a car is that you will not be sitting longer when boarding waiting to be parked on one of the two decks that have kennels to access!

Final Thoughts

The Spirit of Tasmania is a fun trip to make. Day passengers can book a cabin to use which, in hindsight, is not a bad idea. We travelled during the peak Christmas holiday period and by the time we had boarded with our car and headed upstairs the majority of the seating was already taken with some people laying down or putting their feet up to keep areas to themselves. Recliner chairs can also be booked quite cheaply so there is a guaranteed spot to relax, though these are aeroplane style and not exactly enticing.

It is, all the same, an ideal way to visit and explore Tasmania. Having a car with all the gear required for a 5-week family holiday made it a wonderful experience.

Road Trip to Tasmania

Tasmania is absolutely bursting at the seams with stunning vistas, the West Coast Wilderness, history, beautiful cities and more. A road trip of at least a week is required to begin to sample all the little island has to offer.

After 5 weeks of touring and camping, we still need to return to see things that we missed!

When is the best time to Visit Tasmania Australia

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5 thoughts on “When is the Best Time to Visit Tasmania?”

  1. If you book car and cabin on the Spirit, can you alter the return booking for a later or earlier departure if your plans change.

    • Hi Judith, It all depends on what type of ticket you book as to whether the ticket can be altered and if there is a fee.
      Check on the spirit of Tasmania website or call them to find out what the terms are. Have a great trip when you go.

  2. You are so right! There is always something to do in Tassie year round. My personal favorite is the spring season because the tulip fields are always a great subject for my photography hobby. Those fields are amazing they can just stretch on and on! I agree, summertime may be too tough for you but the beaches will definitely make it worthwhile.


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