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Last Updated on July 26, 2019

Bangkok – Family Friendly

Bangkok with kids, such a fabulous city to explore. For families planning their first foray into Asia, Thailand is an ideal country to whet your appetite.

It is a welcoming and budget-friendly country to travel in, for the most part. The Thai people are lovely, getting around the country is easy enough and the scenery is stunning.

Bangkok, a city that hums continuously, is an amazing place to visit with kids. From the hectic Khaosan Road area, a long-established backpacker haunts, to the Grand Palace and beyond, this city can keep any visitor busy for days.

You will never be short of exciting experiences – temples, beautiful crafts, and food that you would rarely find at home… fried scorpions for example!

Thailand - Fried Scorpions street food

Beware of Scams:

Be aware of possible scams, paying attention to your own inbuilt ‘scam warning detection system’ is required at times. A classic scam with tuk-tuk drivers is to tell you a temple you may want to visit is closed, then an offer to go elsewhere at a very cheap rate may follow. This will almost certainly lead to being taken into shops or tourist info centers where a commission will often be given to the driver.

I can understand this tactic, to a degree, but it is annoying. Stand your ground and be firm, but polite. Pay a fair price for the ride if you need to go places. Tuk Tuk’s are great fun and their drivers work really hard to earn a living.

Take the Kids - Explore Thailand with Children


Where to Stay in Bangkok with Kids:

Rambuttri Village Inn is a stone’s throw from the famous Khaosan Road.

“Rambuttri Village Inn offers clean and comfortable accommodations that go easy on your budget”. The swimming pool on the top level is one of the best features!

Khaosan Road, a vibrant street with loads of food stalls and shops. Attracting backpackers and budget travelers, accommodation options vary from really basic to quite luxurious. As a rule, it is always handy to book accommodation for the first night in any city when traveling with kids. Rambuttri Village Inn offers decent rooms for under $100 Australian.

Rambuttri Village Inn, Bangkok, Thailand

What to see:

  • Chatuchak Weekend Market – One of the highlights when visiting Bangkok. It is huge and terribly crowded on the weekends. Everything and anything can be found here, from authentic brands to fake ‘look-a-likes’.  Good, cheap food is plentiful. This is one of the biggest markets ever!

Weekend Market, Bangkok

  • Grand Palace – Bangkok’s Jewell in her crown. The Grand Palace would be the most visited place in Bangkok. Built in 1782, for 150 years the home of the Thai King, the Royal court and the administrative seat of government. The architecture and intricate details of the buildings is an incredible sight. The Thai war ministry, state departments, and mint all operate within the almost 2 km’s of walls surrounding the complex.

Most temples in Asia expect women to be respectably covered, half-length sleeves will be fine, but not short skirts or shorts. Buy a sarong if need be, they are cheap and useful.

The Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Wat Pho – the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. Located behind the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, this is a must-see for visitors to Bangkok. One of the largest temple complexes in the Bangkok and famous for its giant reclining Buddha, measuring over 45 meters long, adorned with gold leaf. A short walk from the Grand Palace.

Wat Po Temple of the Reclining Budda

  • Wat Arun (The Temple of the Dawn) Buddhist temple dating back over 300 years. On the banks of the Chao Phraya River. When seen in the early morning light it reflects the sun on its porcelain-tiled mosaic surface and is lit up at night.  The central tower is in the Khmer style like some seen at Angkor Wat, this means climbing up… and down steep steps.

Bangkok with kids - Wat Arun Bangkok Thailand

  • Fantasia Lagoon – Reviving the Kids! This is a relatively large and attractive water park built on the roof of The Mall Bangkae. Despite being opened for many years, the park is surprisingly unknown to tourists and mostly Thai locals come and play here. For around 100 baht, a day can be spent relaxing here to shake off any exhaustion!

Bangkok with Kids - Fantasia Logoon Bangkok Thailand

  • Lumpini Park – Bangkok’s own Central Park. A great place to chill a while, people watch or get some exercise. A favorite spot for Thai Chi and many other sports.

Bali was our next stop on the way back to Australia, our kids were left in charge of making the decisions on what they most wanted to do and had some help using tips from this article on the travel blog ‘Explore With Erin’.

The experiences the girls had in Thailand and Bali as well as when touring in Europe have been invaluable and given them a desire to see more of the world. Japan is a country the girls want to visit as they are learning the language at school and we have found this great resource for planning a trip to Japan.

Travel is definitely one of the best educational experiences for children…


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  1. Great photos. Another recommendation: I was impressed by the zoo in Bangkok where I saw white tigers. Taking the river taxis also fun for the kids.
    Frank (bbqboy)


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