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Michael Morcombe & David Stewart’s Australian Birds e-Guide

Camping in the bush of Australia means you will almost always encounter native birds and to be able to access the information to identify them on the spot is awesome. This is an App that I’d have never imagined buying – but it’s worth it, especially when travelling with kids, road tripping Australia!

There is a free version with a limited number of Aussie birds to identify and a paid version with:

Over 3000 hi-res bird images covering over 790 bird species.
● Most bird species have a detailed distribution map showing any subspecies that occur.
● Detailed text descriptions of almost all bird species including songs and calls, measurements and breeding behaviour.
● Over 1800 carefully selected and edited sound recordings for over 600 species. Many species are represented with multiple call examples showing the full range of vocalisations.
● The ability to compare any two images, maps, or sounds, side by side on the screen.
● The ability to filter by geographic location, so that you see only the species likely to occur in your location, and to further reduce the possibilities to usual or vagrant species in the selected area.
● A “Smart Search” that gives the ability to search by distinguishing features such as size, colour, physical features, habitat and exclude certain types of birds (eg. Passerines).

Download the Free Version today and check out the App, after that, perhaps Upgrade to the full version for just under $30.

Download the Lite Version, free, from iTunes here or Android here.