Anti Theft Backpacks

Anti Theft Backpacks for Travel

For years, I used a Pacsafe 85 Secure Bag Protector to cover and lock gear on my motorbike. It provided a level of protection fromPacsafe 85 Secure Backpack and Bag Protector being easily stolen when the bike was parked. This is the same one that is now used when we go camping as it is simple to keep items secured. 

One mistake that I made was to leave it behind when road tripping through Central America. After leaving the car with a backpack and camping gear in the back overnight in a large town – the window was smashed and everything was stolen.  1. The car should have been parked in a secure place – my mistake. 2. If the gear had been in the protective covering and locked to something in the car – maybe it would have been too difficult to pinch, unless the thieves had good wire cutters.

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Portable Travel Safes

We have been using and recommend the Pac Safe 5L Portable Travel Safe for years. They come in black or blue and are really useful, especially when camping. iPads and other devices can be locked away and secured to something solid.

  • Available in 5 Litre or 12 Litre designs.
  • Made with patented eXomesh and steel locking cable.
  • 5L – 1.1 lbs / 0.5 kg12L – 1.57 lbs / 0.71 kg

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Pacsafe 85 Secure Backpack and Bag Protector

The Pacsafe Backpack and bag protector is perfect for securing gear to motorbikes when touring or covering a backpack securely at shared hostels,  camping or when your back is turned at bus stations etc.

I used one of these to secure gear on my motorbike when touring and we now use it to safeguard items in our camper trailer, in the back of the car and also to safeguard gear at horse events.

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