Facebook groups for Travelers and Bloggers:

Travel Bloggers Groups on Facebook:

These are groups for Travel Bloggers to interact. Read the rules for each group, some are for general travel talk, some for collaborations and some for link swapping.

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Awesome Bloggers 

Awesome Bloggers unite bloggers to help each other increase social shares + blog traffic.

Bloggers & Travelers

BLOGGERS AND TRAVELERS is a worldwide group of travel lovers, bloggers, photographers, and writers. Some of us also write and maintain blogs on a wide variety of subjects

Digital Nomads Around The World

This is a place for digital nomads to share advice and tips related to living the digital nomad lifestyle. Sharing our experiences and knowledge can only be a good thing!

Drifters Unite – Travel Bloggers

The idea of creating this group is to discuss, support and learn from each other.

Kiwi & Aussie Travel Bloggers

A discussion group for travel bloggers based in New Zealand and Australia and ‘these parts’ Down Under. Please note – you don’t have to be Kiwi or Aussie to join, only living here. We chat about destinations, blog trips, opportunities and other stuff.

Next Level Travel Blogging

This group is for personal TRAVEL bloggers only who want to get serious about their website and improve their search rankings through collaboration, learning, and link-building.

The Business of Blogging

This group is for asking questions and sharing information about the business of blogging (SEO, marketing, developing writing skills, etc). It is designed to foster a community dedicated to knowledge and growth for everyone involved.

Travel Advice by Travel Bloggers

This is a group for travel bloggers to ask travel-related questions, get tips and advice and chat about travel. No self-promotion of posts and no blogging questions allowed.

Travel Blog Chronicles

Travel Blog Chronicles is a place where you can share your best travel blog posts and share the travel blog posts of others that you enjoy reading.

Travel Bloggers Network

This is a teaching community, administrated by experts with REAL answers about development, design, social media, writing, working with PR reps and travel brands and more. It is open to approved travel bloggers and writers that are on EVERY level.

Travel Blogs Promotion

Promote your TRAVEL blogs & social media with us, help other bloggers and participate in daily threads.

Travel Bloggers Self-Promo Group

A place for travel bloggers to promote posts, ask questions, and/or collaborate with other travel bloggers. It’s always free for all! (but please be nice) You can post anything you want and promote anything you want at any time. There are really no rules in this group aside from ‘don’t be shy and respect each other’.

Travel Bloggers Social Sharing Group

Travel Bloggers Social Media Group is about encouraging quality interaction between bloggers and with our readers. By engaging in social media sharing, we are growing each other’s influence and helping bring the world of travel to each and every person around the globe.

Travel Blogger Tales

A place for travel bloggers around the world to unite and share their stories. Please post links to your new articles, videos, etc and invite your friends!

Travel Bloggers United

Do you love to travel and share your experiences? Here is a place you can promote, share and get help with your blog.

Travel Collab Post Opportunities

This is a group for travel writers to post travel collaborative opportunities.

Ultimate Travel Blogging Guest Posts

A place where members can #1 post guest post opportunities to be featured on their blog and #2 seek guest post opportunities to write for other travel bloggers.

Ultimate Travel Group

Our mission? To give and share with you the BEST blogging & travel advice, deals, giveaways, opportunities, resources, and tips that we know of — as well as to connect you with like-minded individuals around the world!

Under 1000 Group

This Under 1000 Club is all about helping travel bloggers grow their blogs, increase their readers and achieve their goals. You will get the opportunity to network with some fantastic bloggers, as well as share knowledge and learn new skills.

We See The World Bloggers

We See the World Bloggers (formally Where in the World Bloggers) is a space for us to share tips on travel, blogging, life, etc. It’s a friendly and non-judgmental space for bloggers of all levels!

We Travel We Blog

This is a community for beginning to intermediate travel bloggers, for those wanting to take their travel blog to the next level and who want to learn from others who are doing the same thing. A place to share ideas, network, learn from each other and grow.

Youtube for Travel Bloggers

Youtube for Travel Bloggers is a place for creators to connect and discuss how to create better travel vlogs for Youtube. Anyone interested can join!

Travel group pages for anyone: Travel groups for anyone to join and discuss travels.

Backpacking Clan

Dedicated to those people who tread off the beaten path. Adventurers and backpackers who enjoy the outdoors and take every advantage of exploring and experiencing the world around them.

Girls LOVE Travel

You have now stumbled into a travel social club for women. This isn’t just a Facebook group – we are a sisterhood / a community to assist you with growing your travel bucket list, finding others to explore the world with, and help empower you with safety and support when you are out travelling!

Girl Vs Globe

Girls vs Globe is a group is for amazing & adventurous women from around the world, run by Sabina from GirlvsGlobe.com. This is a place where we can all connect, talk about our struggles and achievements!


An online community for sharing ideas & information on low-budget/moneyless/low-impact ways to live sustainably on the road.

Part-time Traveler Talk

We are a group of travellers who also maintain full-time jobs! Come join us if you’d like to learn how to travel more! Lots of inspiration, tips, and information!


Launched in 2009, Travelettes is an online magazine/ travelblog/ network for and from girls who love to travel.

Urban Travel Europe

Visiting Europe? Ask your questions! We’ll probably be able to find a local expert who can give you some concrete advice! Want to share tips about your city with locals and travellers? Just go ahead and post!

Travel Community

This travel community is a place for like-minded people to engage with others that love to discuss travel.


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