Exploring our home state of  Victoria, the rest of Australia,  and our worldwide adventures…

Travel with kids in Australia is awesome! Wildlife adventures to be found in every state as well as cheap family holidays to all our famous locations. We search out the best family holidays in Qld to escape from the winter months down south as well as heading as far south as possible to beautiful Tasmania… Family holidays in New South Wales are a favourite as well as exploring Victoria.

Australians love to travel and to do ‘The Big Lap’ of the country is high on the agenda for many. Driving around Australia takes a long time…

Are you thinking about travelling with kids? Do it, before they leave the nest!

  • Big Things Australia

Big Things Australia!

  • Things to do in Tasmania

Things to do in Tasmania

  • Touring Map of Tassie

Map of Tassie

  • Free Camping Tasmania in Instant Pop Up Tents

Free Camping Tasmania

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Driving Around Australia

How far is it to drive around Australia? How long will it take?

Highway 1 Australia -14, 935 km’s / 9,280 miles ~ 171 hours & 7 minutes.

Read our complete guide on how long travelling around Australia by car would take!