Prague with Kids -Top Things to See & Do

Prague with Kids – The Very Best Things To See & Do

The excitement of being in Prague with kids immediately took hold. The kids loved it, which is always a positive when entering a new city after having just visited the Sedlec Ossuary, not too far away.

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With caravan in tow, we headed along the river to Autocamp Trojská, a pleasant little campsite that also provides B&B accommodation inside the family home. It is one of the few places that stays open all year round for caravans, motor homes, and even tent camping.

A 15-minute journey on the nearby tram and we were in the center of what is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The architecture and atmosphere of Prague’s Old Town, quite literally, stopped us in our tracks.

Excavations of cellars going down several levels show that the area has been inhabited since the turn of the first millennium, possibly well before then. The center of the Old Town, appropriately named Old Town Square, has served as Prague’s main marketplace for over 1000 years.

Prague with Kids

The Old Town Square

The ideal place to become acquainted with Prague. Spend time exploring some of the ancient cobbled laneways that radiate from this area in many directions.

Astronomical Clock

In the Old Town: Every hour people gather beneath the Old Town Hall Tower to see the Astronomical Clock perform its magic. One of Europe’s oldest and best-known attractions, the clock is a ‘must-see’. It gets very crowded, try to be there early in the morning. Tours underground and behind the clock can be arranged and are well worth making time to do.

Prague with kids

Four figures beside the clock represent: Vanity (with a mirror), Greed (with his money bag; originally a Jewish moneylender, but given a ‘makeover’ after WWII), Death (the skeleton) and Pagan Invasion (represented by a Turk). The four figures below these are the Chronicler, Angel, Astronomer, and Philosopher.

On the hour, Death rings a bell and inverts his hourglass, and the 12 Apostles parade past the windows above the clock, nodding to the crowd. On the left side are Paul (with a sword and a book), Thomas (lance), Jude (book), Simon (saw), Bartholomew (book) and Barnabas (parchment); on the right side are Peter (with a key), Matthew (axe), John (snake), Andrew (cross), Philip (cross) and James (mallet). At the end, a cock crows and the hour is rung. See their website for more details on tours inside and about how to read the time on this incredible clock.

Charles Bridge

  King Charles IV commissioned the building of this bridge in 1357. Prague’s most visited bridge, spanning 16 arches and lined with 30 Baroque statues of religious figures.  Each afternoon, painters and food vendors line the bridge as the hordes of visitors cross the bridge, enjoying the spectacular views of the Vltava River and Prague Castle. If you arrive at dawn, you can beat the crowds and hopefully enjoy a beautiful sunrise.

Charles Bridge - Prague with kids

Prague with kids

Charles Bridge Prague

Quirky restaurant

Kids need feeding, as do the adults. It keeps everyone happy and ready for some adventures. Vytopna (translates as ‘boiler room’) is a quirky restaurant that has model trains running throughout the interior, serving drinks to customers. Kids love it, adults love it. Serving local and international cuisine.

Eating in Prague tours is an excellent way to choose some more interesting food options too.

Free Walking Tours

One of the best ways to see any city is with a walking tour. Most cities offer free walking tours, the idea behind them is that a tip is given at the end. Often the city tours are lead by local students. This is an ideal option and fine for kids as they learn some history too.

  • Sandemans: Home of the famous FREE TOUR in 18 cities across Europe, the Middle East, and the US. We believe in supporting our local communities and are committed to giving a voice to self-employed guides who have chosen Prague as their home. By ensuring that every expert English speaking guide represents our unique style of mixing history and story-telling while maintaining their own personality and flair, we’ve become one of the most popular tour companies in the world.
  • Tip Trip is a great opportunity to see the beautiful and historic City of a Hundred Spires with a LOCAL experienced guide. The only way to keep this independent project alive is to leave a tip at the end of the tour.

  • Extravaganza Free Tour – Historic city tours plus Communism and Bunker Tour.  Explore the fascinating history of former Czechoslovakia during the last century and especially the Cold War period. Not only will you discover how the average Czech lived, worked and played under communism, but you will also hear stories and anecdotes from your laid-back local guide, who will bring the “good old days“ back to life! We take a break for beer, kofola or snack in an authentic canteen of the working-class. Visiting a bunker from the ’50s will round off your communist adventure in Prague. You will also see historical photos of the events, people, buildings and statues, many of them now destroyed. We like dialogue, so the group size is limited up to 10 people (reservation is recommended).

Prague with kids - Segway Tours

Visiting the John Lennon Wall on segways.

John Lennon Wall

After his murder on 8 December 1980, John Lennon became a pacifist hero for many young Czechs. An image of Lennon was painted on a wall along with political graffiti and Beatles lyrics.

Despite repeated whitewashing, the secret police never managed to keep it clean for long, and the Lennon Wall became a political focus for Prague youth (most Western pop music was banned by the communists, and some Czech musicians were even jailed for playing it).

Weathering and graffiti destroyed some of the political messages and images until little remained of Lennon but his eyes, then tourists began making additions to the wall. The wall is said to be the wall has been repainted at times, but it soon gets covered with more Lennon images, peace messages and tourist graffiti. It is now left and not painted over, a lasting tribute to John Lennon and a popular busking spot.

Segway Tours

This is not for those people in possession of nervous dispositions! We went on a segway tour of Prague, passing by John Lennon’s wall and up to the castle – via steep cobblestone streets. We loved riding the segways and had a blast. The girls were 9 and 12 at the time.

It was rather scary to see that there were little instruction and practice on controlling these beasts, we basically jumped on and played ‘follow the leader’!

A few companies offer the tours and prices can sometimes be negotiated.

  • Cool Segway Tours – Your easy, comfortable and fun experience. Explore the streets of Prague on the original Segway i2. Learn it easily! Go gliding with your whole family and become an expert in only 5 minutes.
  • Prague on Segway – You are in Prague and you want to have a wonderful time, right? But there are too many choices. What to see? Where to go? You don’t want to get bored and tired, you might be short on time, or want something that is out of the ordinary.
  • Eco Tours – We will take you everywhere you could walk but with us you don’t need to make a single step. We will show you around Prague on our segway machines. Within 90 minutes we take you from the very center of the city (Pařížská street) to the Prague Castle and back. The two-hour trip further includes the visit of the Strahov cloister and the area around the Petřín view tour.
  • Prague Segway Tours – We offer exclusive guided tours on Segway personal transporters for individuals and small groups. Choose from our spectacular city tours or design your own tour with our guide.

Prague Castle

“Prague Castle was most likely founded in around 880 by Prince Bořivoj of the Premyslid Dynasty (Přemyslovci). According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Prague Castle is the largest coherent castle complex in the world, with an area of almost 70,000 m². A UNESCO World Heritage site, it consists of a large-scale composition of palaces and ecclesiastical buildings of various architectural styles, from the remains of Romanesque-style buildings from the 10th century through Gothic modifications of the 14th century. The famous Slovenian architect Josip Plečnik was responsible for extensive renovations in the time of the First Republic (1918-1938). Since the Velvet Revolution, Prague Castle has undergone significant and ongoing repairs and reconstructions”.

Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter in Prague, known as Josefov, is located between the Old Town Square and the Vltava River. Its turbulent history dates from the 13th century when Jewish people were ordered to vacate their homes and settle in this one area.

Over the centuries, with Jews banned from living anywhere else in Prague, and with new arrivals expelled from Moravia, Germany, Austria, and Spain joining them, more and more people were crowded in.

The Jewish Museum is well worth a visit to learn more about the history of Jews in Prague.

Jewish Quarter, Prague
Jewish Quarter

Toy Museum

Situated in the Old Count’s Chambers of Prague Castle, the Prague Toy Museum is the second largest museum of this kind in the world.

Seven exhibition rooms, over two floors, display toys collected from all over the world, starting from Greek ancient times and ending with most modern Barbie exemplars.

Jirská 4, Prague 1 (in the Prague Castle premises)

Prague Toy Museum

Municipal House Prague

Prague with kids - old town

The Old Town – Hours could easily be spent soaking up the atmosphere of the main square. Buskers were everywhere, cafes lined the sidewalks and mulled wine was sold at many food stalls. We visited in winter, the days were bright and sunny, the lack of crowds made it all the more special and we had to drag ourselves away from the city each day. Prague is easily my favorite city in Europe, to see Prague with our kids made it all the more special.

Prague with kids

Prague with kids - delicious foods...

The trdelnik ( pronounced rather like “turtleneck”) is a sweet pastry popular throughout the Czech Republic. Cooked on a cylindrical spit known as a trdlo, which is how the delicious snack got its name, the dough is coated in sugar and nuts then roasted over an open flame. The smell of the cooking filled the air, along with a mulled wine – the perfect treat! (the kids had hot chocolates).

Prague with kids

The little shop was closed when we passed, so there was not an opportunity for a closer inspection of the hash pops, all the way from Amsterdam! Not something the kids were going to be allowed, or wanting, to try anyway.

Prague with kids is fabulous, it has so much to see and discover. At least a week ought to be spent there. Hopefully, this post provides a few ideas and plenty of inspiration.

Our time in Prague was made even more remarkable when we saw a man walking his Cougar along the main street. Unfortunately, we were on a tram at the time and could not get close to see if our imaginations were running wild. A few locals we mentioned it to seemed unaware of cougars in Prague, but this Youtube clip says it all…

Going to Prague without kids and looking for some alternative things to do? Read this article by BBQ Boy & Spanky!

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  1. We are visiting Prague in July and I can’t wait! I’ll be taking on board lots of the suggestions you’ve written about here and I cannot wait to try the trdelnik!

  2. Oh love Prague. We went a couple of years ago on a whistle-stop tour – would definitely love to go back and your post and fab pics have made the desire even stronger. Thank you 🙂

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